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Adept III

[Bug] Graphic corruption w/ AA, and AF setting not recognized in Links 2003 w/ R5600XT & latest driver.

Thank you devs and amdmatt, driver 20.5.1 cured 90% of the graphic corruption issues with Links 2003 and the NAVI cards as followed in this now closed thread: [Bug] Graphic corruption Links 2003 w/ R5600XT & 20.2.2 Driver 

I no longer had my 5600XT card to confirm myself, having returned it; so I bought a new one based on you and mickyfish saying it was fixed and just tried it today (XFX Thic III Pro)

Unfortunately with Anti-alias on (see settings pic) I get a white 'spike' shooting out from the golfers leg (with its own shadow?!).

Additionally, anisotropic filtering is not taking, the game does not recognize the setting is set where it does on other non-NAVI cards.  This is vitally important in Links2k3 and readily apparent in the high quality texture courses, see pic below circled for the foreground 'smudge' and really detracts.  This is the most important failing to fix.

Use Mike Jones' Pilgrim Trails for testing reference:

Course ID - 1890 

If it's any hint, the morphological anti-aliasing setting does nothing either. 

We're very close to getting this back to functioning like the non-NAVI cards.  These settings work with an RX590 and a R390 and latest driver.  Please help!

Note: Lack of AA consistency and AF look like they're happening in other older titles too based on this thread:

Anisotropic filtering under Adrenalin 2020 

Thanks -



Here is a picture of Links2K3 on the same hole and course working properly with 20.5.1 on older cards, the R390 and the RX590.  Note the difference in the greater detail of the grass in front of the tee box provided by working anisotropic filtering vs. the circled area above.


2 Solutions
Adept III

Pleased to report that Anisotropic filtering not working in Links 2K3 has finally been addressed in 21.1.1. :)

Working in 2021.1.1 and 5600XT@amdmatt 

In fullscreen mode, white spike from golfer's foot.

In windowed mode, white spike from golfer's foot, no anti-aliasing.

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I am pleased to report that somewhere in the recent past the remaining issue of the white spike from the golfer's foot is now *gone* in full screen and windowed mode.  This bug is fully resolved with 23.8.1 driver.  Thank you! No more golfer foot spike in 23.8.1No more golfer foot spike in 23.8.1


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