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Journeyman III

BSOD when spamming play back on a recorded video..

So, just a few minutes ago I was spamming playback on a .avi video that was 2 seconds long, and my computer BSOD'd. (When I mean spamming play back, I mean pressing space bar continuously to watch it again as it was only 2 seconds long.) The video was for a editing project I was working on in Sony Vegas, and the Blue screen hasn't happened since. I spammed the playback on the video again using the default windows Films & TV player, and it crashed again doing that. The error I received when I got the BSOD was" SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" a long with it saying the cause was "atikmdag.sys". Any help would be appreciated, don't know why it's blue screening when I watch a 2 second video. Like I said, it has not crashed since and I even played some games to test it. 

 Edit: I am also updated to the latest recommended drivers for my graphics card, and my CPU is the Ryzen 2200g with the Vega 8, no dedicated gpu. 

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