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BSOD when i try to install my video cards drivers

"Hello guys, I'm having a problem yesterday i bought an upgrade kit for my computer an Intel Core I5 8400 processor and an Asrock H310CM-HG4 motherboard, I already had a video card a Radeon RX 550 I set up the computer, everything normal, video card was giving normal video, ok However, when I tried to install the video card driver either directly from the AMD website or from the "Driver booster" program, it starts to install normally, but when it reaches about 50% -70%, my computer freezes and after one blue screen This blue screen has some information such as "THREADH STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER" and a website "" also appears I've tried several things, like installing other versions of windows 10, I tried using "sfc / scannow" and "dism", but nothing works I don't know what to do, does anyone have any ideas? thank you all"

Hello friends, this text above is mine, I wrote this about a month ago
I continued with this problem and decided to buy another motherboard
bought an H310M-K R2.0 from ASUS
It arrived today, I tried to install the drivers, however, the same problem occurred
Does anyone for god's sake have any idea what it might be?
I really think that there is a compatibility problem between my processor and video card


Intel core i5 8400

H310M-K R2.0 Prime ASUS

Bios Version 1005 (07/08/2019) most updated

Windows 10 x64 bits version 1709 (I used several other versions of windows, however, all of them have the same BSOD problem)

Smart Modular DDR4 4 GB 2400 mhz (it's a commom green ram, and i just have 4 gb ram)

Radeon RX 550



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