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BSOD on Ryzen 5 2500u

For two weeks now I've been having crashes on my laptop, usually these crashes result in a BSOD [CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT] error other times the laptop hangs and I'm forced to manually reboot. Surprisingly these BSODs only occur while playing War Thunder and no other application, or game.

My Specs:

Laptop: HP Envy x360 [HP Envy 15 121dx model]
CPU: Ryzen 5 2500u
GPU: Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
RAM: 2x4GB @1200MHz [supplied by Samsung]
Storage: 128GBSSD [Adata supplied] + 1TB HDD @5400RPM [Seagate supplied]

My Attempts
I've made several attempts to repair the BSODs without any success including:

Updating all drivers including AMD drivers
Upgrading Windows 10 to 1903 from 1803 and then updating all drivers again
Reinstalling drivers after clean driver wipe
Rolling back drivers a couple of versions
Reinstalling Warthunder
Running Warthunder in reduced graphics mode to reduce load
Running Warthunder in 32bit
Running Mem86 and Mem86+ intensive tests without any result

It should be noted that I'm not overclocking anything, not that I can anyway.

None of my attempts have yielded any progress, although on a probably unrelated note I have noticed improved performance on other games with new 1903 update. Still the crashes remain the same. If its worth noting the game only crashes when I join a battle and select a vehicle, that is effectively also the time when the game loads.

I've attached a link here to the Minidump and MSINFO32 files, hopefully someone can take a look at them and help me figure out what is going on.

All help is appreciated, thank you.


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