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BSoD Fixed after Months. AMD Driver problems with W10 ?

So I built a new PC and decided to keep the old one (i7-4770 with and >>>AMD R9 280<<<), and decided to install Windows 10 on it; but on reboot it ALWAYS went to BSoD.

So I went through weeks of faultfinding, but it always ended up as a BSoD loop on boot; even after a complete re-install once drivers were installed. I always updated Windows 10, and installed the AMD driver for the GPU from AMD directly as a clean install.

BSoD, BSoD, BSoD & BSoD....

Tested a thousand things, including an almost forensic inspection of every PC component, and the case, peripherals for any electronics parts issue. I had & tested spare parts for almost everything (and parts from another rig in the house). SSD/RAM/PSU etc etc. Tested. Good to go.

So I wiped & installed Windows 7 Pro (found online) with the initial parts, and ran repeatedly, & no BSoD. Nil.

So I wiped and installed Linux (etc), and no BSoD. Nil.

So I wiped & installed Windows 7 Ultimate (found online) with the initial parts, and ran repeatedly, & no BSoD. Nil.

So I wiped and installed another version of Linux (etc), and no BSoD. Nil.

So I wiped and installed Windows 10, and updated, and reboot, tested on Intel iGPU, no BSoD, reboot, no BSoD etc.

Then I downloaded the exact Driver for my GPU (R9 280) from AMD and BSoD at the log-in screen. BSoD, BSoD, BSoD loop.



So after a week or two or so of this.... I decided to use the AMD Auto-install Driver tool instead..... But it appears to be missing from the AMD site... Hmmm. Did maybe a dozen complete re-installs, and ended up with the same BSoD loop.

Then I googled and found a PC mag website with the AMD Automatic find-driver AMD tool (forget the name for it right now), and re-installed W10, used that Auto-Detect tool.

No BSoD. Works perfect.


Oh, and I checked a THOUSAND times that the Driver and GPU were the precise ones (Windows 10 x64 & AMD R9 280), so it was not a case of using the wrong driver. Unless you consider that using the specified AMD Driver through the AMD site selection process, is the wrong one.





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Windows 10 problem . Windows is **bleep** because for a big % of users it gives nothing more than previous version and slower the computer . Windows 7, 3"5 HD , 41 s to start ( if i remember well ) , windows 10 2mn . Worst, it allows to softwares to do what they wants unknown to the user .

There should be actions against MS because was cant use old softwares paid with windows 10 .

For your problem , i think that windows 10 should have had his own driver for your card due his age.