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BSOD Crash when Gaming using Radeon VII with FreeSync On

  • Issue Description: My PC have BSOD issue after I replace my Vega64 with Radeon VII. The problem occurred randomly when gaming, following these stages:
    • Screen turns black and lose signal, program (like Skype/Discord, I can tell with my friend even) still work. (about 30 seconds)
    • PC freeze and program will no longer work. (about 1-2 minutes)
    • PC restart, and I can find BSOD dump file.
  • There is two kind of BSOD, these message are extract from BlueScreenView:
    • 0x00000116 caused by driver : dxgkrnl.sys
    • 0x00000EA caused by driver : atikmdag.sys, THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER
  • Temporary Solution: After a lot of test, Finally I found that the FreeSync would be the reason of this problem, turn off FreeSync on my monitor stop BSOD occurred. However, I think this should be the driver problem because there are no issue when I use Vega64 with FreeSync on.
  • Hardware:
    • Graphics card: Radeon VII work at default 1801MHz/1000MHz and default voltage setting 1121 mV
    • CPU: Intel i7-4790K
    • Motherboard: ASUS Z97-Pro Wifi/USB3.1
    • RAM: 32GB Kingston DDR3 @1866 MHz
    • PSU: Antec HCG 850W
    • Monitor 1: LG 27UK850-W @4K freesync enabled connect on Radeon VII
    • Monitor 2: Philips 237EQPH connect on Intel Graphic HD 4600
  • Software:
    • Windows 10 64 bit 1809
    • Graphics driver 19.4.1
    • Latest UEFI BIOS from AMD flashed

Another thing is that the LG 27UK850-W monitor has two FreeSync mode: extended and basic, I don't know if this would be a problem, but I always use extended mode before on Vega64.

The original thread is here:

Dear AMD, please do something....


2019/05/22 update: 

Graphics driver 19.5.1 have tested both extended and basic FreeSync mode on LG 27UK850-W, BSOD 0x116 still here....

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