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Journeyman III

BSOD atikmdag.sys error now GPU0 not using Memory

After abrupt shutout i got BSOD atikmdag error, and Both my AMD Radeon HD 7670M (Primary) and AMD Radeon HD 7660G(secondary Inbuilt with CPU) driver stopped working

Things i DID
Reinstalled drivers
clean install
Changed OS to 8.1 then 10
Format my laptop
updated my bios

I think my Primary(GPU0) AMD Radeon HD 7670M is broken coz it has no BIOS and not using memory as you can see in GPU-Z result (Screenshot2)

I think my my 
secondary(GPU1 Inbuilt with CPU) AMD Radeon HD 7660G is working but i can't change my
IGP /PCI settings from BIOS to make it work

Any help?

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