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Journeyman III

BSOD amdkmdag.sys - AMD Radeon 7650M 2GB


It's been a long time since I tried to fix this problem. But now I want to fix it again, and I hope this time, for the last time. 

I have an HP ProBook 4740S with 8 gigs of Ram with an Intel i5 - 2450m - 2.5 GHz. Few years back I had a BSOD after a gaming session on a not particularly heavy game - Minecraft. Tried searching on the internet and just decided to turn off my dedicated in my BIOS since I can't even use my PC when the card is on. 

My BSOD says an error like this - amdkmdag.sys, when I try to boot my computer. Been using this laptop for few years without a dedicated GPU. Went into safe mode, booted with dedicated GPU but when I try to install a driver for my GPU I get a BSOD when it reaches - Installing Display Driver - I tried many versions, Windows 10 version, Crimson Beta version, Manufacturer drivers from the official site, AMD Site, AMD Detected, hell, even Windows update. Using Windows update gives me the same outcome. Out of nowhere, I receive a BSOD and there it goes. Then I usually turn off the dedicated GPU, boot into safe mode, use DDU uninstaller and continue using my pc with only integrated gpu. There is a different outcome when I install Windows 8 driver though.

Driver installation goes smoothly, but when I restart, I can't access the CCC, and I receive multiple notification regarding  - AMD Driver is not installed, reinstall it yada yada yada - 

Is this a mother board issue? Is there anything I can do? I was thinking to buy a new PC anyways and I think it's better to save the money on my next build rather than spending on a new motherboard that might not be new.


Regards, Vasilije

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