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Adept III

Bring back FRTC

You removed one of the best working features, bring it back

Thank you

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Adept II

Not the first thread asking for the return of FRTC .

The irony is that Nvidia added this function recently and AMD removed it with adrenaline 2020, a function that if i recall it correctly didn't cause any real trouble in past ... 

Community Manager

Radeon Chill can be used to set a constant FPS value now which has the same effect as FRTC. Set the Min and Max FPS value to the same value and it should have the same effect as using FRTC to lock in FPS. 

Radeon driver does not control vsync feature with the driver panel for each API. So I would use FRTC to stay in the FreeSync range. In order to stay within FreeSync range with using Chill, it is necessary to define maximum FPS of Chill as much lower than monitor hertz value. Some games offer excessive FPS and Chill cannot bring an effective FPS limit in such games. So as soon as FPS is close to maximum FreeSync range, tearing or stuttering problems occur with Chill... so with FRTC, FreeSync works better... Because the control panel does not offer vsync control and an effective FPS limiter without FRTC.

even tho' i do not use 'em, try chill + enhanced sync.


Chill is not as constant as FRTC, when i set the same min and max FPS value, let's say 70/70 on a 75 hz display, time to time, it goes above the 70 mark, like 79 or so, and what happen ? TEARING, with the former FRTC it never goes beyond the value selected and no tearing.

It happens with Vega 64 / 5700XT, on games like Shadow of the TombRaider, Rainbowsix siege, GTA V etc

FRTC didn't cause any arm on the past and always worked fine, your chill is just a mere palliative that doesn't work as well as a FRTC as an FPS limiter, why remove an option that worked fine ? Chill was designed to reduce power consumption, not to act as an FPS limiter ... 

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into that. I was under the impression that the FPS values set in Radeon Chill should be respected. 

No FPS limiter is very effective for FreeSync use like FRTC without vsync to be set on the control panel. Also other GPUs do not offer an effective FPS limiter like FRTC, but other one offers vsync control with driver panel and this vsync control is effective for adaptive sync. Here are the ways to fix this problem.
1 - Using FRTC.
2- Enabling Vsync feature with the control panel. (AMD does not offer.)
3- Enabling Vsync feature in the game. (Increases in-game stuttering problem for all GPUs.)
So FRTC is a very effective FreeSync range tool for AMD...

Adept I

Chill is bad and I will not move from 19.12.1 until FRTC is back.

With 100hz freesync monitor i set games i can comfortably play faster to 80 FPS and it is constant, lovely and slick.

With the new drivers if I try to lock fps at 80 using min/max chill, it's a stuttery mess.

Stop being lazy AMD. Besides the lack of existing features, I also hate the new arrangement and ingame overlay.

Journeyman III

Bring it back please AMD, I want to keep my 5700XT, I don't want to switch to the green team.

Community Manager

Hi Folks,

I have forwarded this feedback on internally for future consideration. 

Adept II

We want FRTC back !! With chill enabled I can't use enhanced sync !


Global FRTC control is back in Adrenalin 2020 21.3.1 Driver for RX5700XT -> R9 390X. 
This is great news. 

It works with Radeon Chill do you can set FRTC = 59, Chill min FPS = 30 Chill max "FPS" = 300 and run an RX Vega 64 Liquid on BFV at 4K Ultra with ~ reasonable 59 FPS 4K Experience with Vsync off. 

Now  all Radeon Team need to do is adjust chill behaviour so that you can hit more than 55 FPS with those settings with keyboard only input. 

Please mark this as the correct answer.