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Adept I

Boot Loop 18.1.1 RX 560 4GB


Since purchasing XFX RX 560 4GB I have random issues. Either drivers crash, restart or some of the games crash. I believed that some of the issues were common with the latest addition to Crimson drivers, so I waited for an upgrade.
Last night I upgraded to 18.1.1.

As the driver was installing, the screen kept flickering on and off until I finally managed to install the driver somehow.
Since installing the 18.1.1 I had no issues and some of the games that kept crashing on 17.12.2 did not anymore.

However, this morning, when I tried to boot Windows 10, I was met with infinite boot loop.

Automatic repair failed to fix the issue but in the logs, I found this :

Root cause found:


A recent driver installation or upgrade may be preventing the system from starting.

Repair action: System Restore

Result: Cancelled

Repair action: System Restore

Result: Cancelled

Repair action: System files integrity check and repair

Result: Failed. Error code =  0x57

Time taken = 2859 ms

Considering that the driver itself had issues during the installation and that I had no other changes, I only assume it's 18.1.1 that is causing issues.

Specs :
AMD Athlon X4 750K


XFX RX 560 4GB

Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 16299.192 (1709/RS3)

Now since getting RX 560 I did various CPU, GPU Stress tests, I tested RAM and SSD and other two HDDs.
All components never had issues.

I'm not sure anymore if this RX 560 is faulty or is it some issue with the drivers.
I'd like to note that I also tried using generic Windows 10 GPU driver through the Update. In some games, I also had issues with that one too, but way less than with the actual Crimson drivers.

Is anyone else having similar issues with this driver/GPU combo?


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Journeyman III

Hello, excuse me if I take advantage of your post. I have the same GPU and yesterday I decided to upgrade drivers to 18.1.1 but I had some troubles too.

Mainly about the installation progress which, at certain point seemed to stop, and it's not the first time that happens. At the second try I got the flickering screen then the system rebooted and my hdd disappeared (but I'm not sure that's related to this, since I made some changes inside the case a short before and probably I touched the cable). Anyway, I had to try 2 or 3 times before completing the installation and now it seems all right except that I keep having crashes while in game, I got the same result even when I tried a stress test (random colour screen, freezing sound, no signs of life, so that I have to make a hard reboot.)

It's about a week that I own this GPU, so I don't know it very well...

My specs:

AMD FX-4300


XFX RX 560 4 GB


Windows 7 ultimate x64 SP1

PSU Tecnoware 500W but since I fear it's too poor for my actual equip, I'm waiting to replace it with a TQXGEII-700SAP 700W.

Moreover... what is ##ID_STRING17##? It's appeared in Start menu after installation, under a folder named ##ID_STRING16## .