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Journeyman III

Boost Compute buffer deconstructor behaving differently on different OS

I'm having an issue with a bit of boost compute code that I have running on two machines. My dev machine is running windows 7 using a radeon WX9100 gpu, and everything is running fine. Another lab machine I am using is nearly identical, but is running windows 10 and has the windows 10 version of the radeon driver.

The windows 7 machine shows the openCL device name being "GFX900" and the windows 10 machine shows the name as "GFX901". A bitcoin mining site i found said this is fine for that model.

What is not fine is that the boost compute/opencl memory buffers do not free from device memory on the windows 10 machine, even (especially) if i use "BUFFERNAME.~buffer()".

Im thinking this might be a driver issue, but I'm really not sure.

Thanks in advance for any help! Eric

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