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Journeyman III

Bluetooth Not Working After Adrenalin Install

My Bluetooth headphones have a hard time connecting after the Adrenalin install. I have to restart my computer (sometimes twice) in order for it to connect. I also notice that my screen flickers a couple times on startup with the software installed. If I uninstall Adrenalin then I have no flickering and Bluetooth works fine, but I can’t run some programs without the graphics driver installed. I’ve tried uninstalling the BT drivers and restarting. I’ve done a utility cleanup and fresh install.


-Radeon RX 570 

-MAG B550 Tomahawk

-Ryzen 5 5600

-Windows 10 Pro

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Go to Device Manger under "Audio Inputs and Outputs" and see which Audio driver is being used by your BT Headphones. I have BT Headphones that uses Microsoft native audio driver and not my Nvidia HD Audio driver:

Screenshot 2022-12-06 114516.png

If you noticed that all Audio devices that uses my Nvidia GPU HD Audio driver are listed under each Audio devices.

Yet my BT Headphones doesn't show that it is using my GPU audio driver but Windows native Audio driver.

Upload an image of your Device Manager showing the above categories to see which driver your BT Headphones are using.

Also look at Windows Sound Panel to see which Audio driver it is using. In my Sound Panel all Audio devices that use Nvidia HD Audio from my GPU is shown including my Motherboard HD Audio driver Realtek with its Audio devices. Yet my BT Headphones doesn't show neither my Motherboard or Nvidia GPU card audio drivers:

Screenshot 2022-12-06 114516.png

So you first need to find out which Audio driver your BT Headphones are using. I imagine it would be the same as mine which is MS Audio driver from Windows.

NOTE: Since you have  a AMD GPU card installed you will show AMD HD Audio driver instead which is installed by your Adrenaline driver installation package.

You can temporarily disable AMD HD Audio to troubleshoot without having to uninstall the entire AMD Driver package from your PC.

It is possible there is some conflict with the AMD HD Audio driver and the Audio driver your BT Headphone uses.