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Adept I

Bluescreen without load graphics card

after updating the drivers adrenaline 2020, in mid-February, blue screens began to appear with ntoskrnl.exe errors and various bluescreen descriptions during normal operation in a browser or media player. But the joke itself appeared in the fact that some games began to consume more video memory resources and when the game + browser was running, games crashed - it was possible to play only without using parallel programs, in January and earlier there were no such problems. Gygabyte 5700xt

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Journeyman III

I faced the same problem. Frequently BOSD, ntoskrnl.exe, dxgmms2,... 

My setup is Ryzen 3 2200G, rx470, 8gb DDR4 2666mhz, 240gb SSD and 1TB HDD.

Here some method I have tried.

- under-clock RAM to 2133mhz

- turn off sleep mode

- re-install the latest AMD adrenaline (also delete the AMD folder every single time and tick for the hard resetting option)

- TdrDelay for 8s

- turn off HardwareAcceleration

- try to lower the operating temperature.

- clean VGA and RAM

- underclock VGA and CPU.

It didn't help, the BOSDs are still there.

At that time, I was so disappointed with AMD and their products because there's a lot of AMD customers face the same problems but no helpful solution has been provided. Then I read a post on the Microsoft support page, they say that if the PC keeps showing BOSD, you should try a clean boot (please google 'clean boot' and follow the instructions from the official Microsoft support page). It actually is a safe-mode boot with full necessary driver. I tried. And now this is the 7th day from that day my setup JUST WORK, no more BOSD, I know that means some of the 3rd party services start with the Windows are the problems, but I choose to ignore them and keep the clean boot as my default boot. There is nothing different with the full boot mode I can say. If you have tried anything else then you should try to do a clean boot and see if it work for you.


Thanks for the advice. I also searched for different solutions for a long time, and after these manipulations the blue screen disappeared. I ran the commands:

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

sfc / scannow

Errors were found in the system files.

I don’t think it affected, but I also changed the amount of virtual memory due to the fact that the game CALL OF DUTY WARZONE crashed on boot, putting 10,000 instead of 4-6000.

My setup is ryzen 3600, b450 tomahawk max, gigabyte 5700xt, crucial ballistix 3200 8x2, Chieftec Proton 750, kingston a2000 500gb, 2x2tb hdd