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Journeyman III

Blue screen of death

I just switched from AMD Crimson to AMD adrenaline but unfortunately when I am trying to download the drivers of AMD adrenaline, Blue Screen of Death appears on my Windows 10 and the computer restarts. Moreover I cant switch to the Crimson version as I have already uninstalled it. Now mydedicated GPU i.e  Radeon RX 560X doesn't work. I am facing too many graphic problems like unable to adjust the brightness. Please help.

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Journeyman III

This is also occurring on my system and only started occurring after the last couple Adrenaline 19 version. 

A few Adrenaline versions ago I started getting blue screens upon start or shortly after start up.  "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER". 

It was intermittent and took sometime to figure out that it was the graphics driver.  Remove of the graphics driver using AMD cleanup utility yielded a stable system.  Installing 17.7 drivers is stable at the moment.  

Here's my specs:

Vega 64 Driver v19.2.2, Threadripper 1950x, Windows 10 1809, 4 monitors, 2 x 4k and 2 x 1080p all @60hz, ASUS Zenith Extreme bios 1601, 64GB RAM, HX1000 PSU.

This is mostly a workstation but I also use it for gaming.  I just tried installing 19.2.2 but was unable to startup so I uninstalled the drivers using AMD cleanup Util and windows 1809 automatically fell back to 17.7 (I didn't have to install).... odd.