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Journeyman III

Blue screen in menu if i don't downgrade

Hi, i've used my RX 480 8GB for 2 years without any problem.
After i've changed house (and then assembled the pc again) i've started having blue screen crashes in menu.

I see things freezing or graphic bug and after 2-3 seconds windows crashes with blue screen of death.

I've tried a lot of drivers versions, but nothing. I've "fixed" the problem by downgrading everything except fans in amd software.

2021-05-26 22_52_45.png

Doing this i can play some games (overwatch for example) crashing only 1/2 times in 2 hours.
When it crashes these settings get resetted and i have to downgrade everything again to prevent the instant crash again.

The config is:

16 GB ram 1666
650 watt
RX 480 8GB,
Ryzen 5 2600

I've never overclocked any component.

If i start a stress test without downgrade it crashes in 2-3 seconds (the same of opening a game).

I don't know if the problem is hardware, driver.. Maybe the psu can't supply correctly because is not working properly? 
Or maybe the gpu is broken..

I've tried a lot of clear install of windows, removing drivers with DSU and other stuffs. Nothing worked.

Hope someone can help me because i'm really going mad and obviously is impossible to find a new gpu to buy now..

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Adept I

Have you checked your CPU temps? 

Personally, the only time I have ever encountered the BSOD it was due to things overheating.

Can you reseat the graphics card? Maybe it came loose in your move? 

If it's crashing within a few seconds of even running a stress test, it's must be due to heat or power related. 

That's my guess!


Temps are always perfect for all the components.. this is why i think is a power related problem..