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Adept I

Blue and Black Screens with my 5700 XT

I have had both blue screens and black screens multiple times a week with the current drivers. The most irritating thing is there is not just one problem causing the crashes. If I fix it in one area than another area has an issue, it feels like trying to plug holes on a sinking boat. Sometimes a sfc or a scan/repair health command in the command prompt will fix it. sometimes its changing (or not changing) a setting in the amd driver settings. other times it is downloading the driver after using amd's clean uninstall. sometimes its the refresh or fps not being at a certain number. Honestly sometimes its any mix of the above problems. I am so dissatisfied, I spent 400$ on the gpu and about 1300-1400 on my pc build and this one issue makes it almost unusable.

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Adept III

Use DDu then 19.9.2. Turn of freesync and enhanced sync.  Hope your problems are solved. If not. Use 19.7.5.  Still same ?.  I guess you should RMA the card. As it shouldn't happen with 19.9.2 or 19.7.5 


Any time I use the current drivers I don't bsod but it will stutter the image to the point of not being functional whenever there is a video playing or something running in the background


If you could format your os.  If still presist. Return the card I guess.  Also make sure you write your pc specifications. Windows version etc. The mods keep a watch at every problematic post 

Adept I

I dont know if anyone is having this problem aswell but im getting black screens that poops up for 1/2 sec and then the image comes back. Its really annoying for me , im getting like 3/4 black screens per hour on average.

Anyone had this problem ?


Ryzen 3700x

5700 XT Saphire reference model


3200mhz Nighthawk 16GB RAM

256 SSD boot drive and 2TB HDD