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Adept I

Blu Ray Drive Not Detected with Storemi 2

storemi 2 has been great my system is x470 and ryzen 2700x, i have been using storemi1 and now storemi2, i found a bug and stuck. my asus blueray rom is not detected and in device manager i realise that my device change to AMD-RAID Array 3 SCSI CdRom Device. and i cant access to bd drive in explorer and in disk mangement it says 2gb raw format.

i knew the bug is from storemi 2 because when i uninstalled storemi 2,,it is working again and the device manager put the correct device name again...

anyone having the same bug?

i hope that it is solve in the next update.

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Nobody from AMD will likely see you report. These are user to user forums. You can however contact AMD here:

Adept I

thanks for pointing me out. 

Journeyman III

I have the same exact bug.  Working on an ASUS B550-F and AMD 3700X.  I have been beating my head for hours!

Whats worse, my DVD player keeps being renamed to to AMD Raid Array 1 SCSI Cdrom