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Blocky checkered corruption in anything using the GPU


Recently I just built a new system that has the following specs, before that I had the RX 580 inside of another system. The RX 580 was bought recently just in Christmas of last year.

During the time period that the RX 580 was inside of the other system, the GPU would work great and fine with no issues at all. I was able to play games fairly nicely and did not experience any unexpected stuttering or performance degradation that was at fault of the GPU, as I was playing games at max settings some times.

However, as soon as I put it inside of the new system, the one with the specs below, the GPU instantly became unstable for some weird reason. I would get graphical glitches in the system (please see images below) and often times glitches are not even blocky, but look like the screen is tearing apart as the shapes and lines of the characters or the environment inside of a game, are out and moving everywhere from a center point (no image to show as I crashed) to the surrounding space around it.

Commonly, the block glitches would just cause soft crashes of the application (Driver Timeout Errors), this is the same in regards to the shape and line tearing of the characters. However, I have experienced hard crashes in which a system restart was needed. Temps were kept under control, and a crash had occurred at around the 50-60 degrees Celsius mark whilst having a GPU load due to a game being on.

Would only show symptoms if the GPU was under load.

I have spent days searching for a solution, but none of the current solutions by posts on AMD or other websites have been able to resolve the issue.

Side note, I also hear hissing audio when the GPU is under load now via my earphones which are connected into the motherboard.

Things I have tried

*Please note that with all of the driver re-installations, all previous versions were removed either by a DDU or AMD's built in DDU. Driver re-installments were tested with factory settings (Standard) in the Radeon software panel with games. WattMan settings were also set to automatic (Default).

- Tried the latest driver version: 21.4.1 9 (As of the time of writing)
- Currently using: 21.3.2 (The version of driver from the other system that the RX 580 worked on)
- Used several version 20.x.x drivers (File was deleted prior to this report)
- A 19.x.x drvier (File was deleted prior to this report)
- Swapping the PSU (Please see specs for more details on the CPUs)
- Increasing the power by 50% and decreasing the clock by 10-30%.
- Auto driver finder and installer by AMD.

Games List

- VRChat
- Minecraft (with Continuum Shaders)
- Paladins (Regardless of render engine, DX11 or no DX11)

Apps List
- Discord
- Firefox Developer Edition
* Anything with hardware acceleration

System Specs

Ryzen 5 3600

8x2 T-Create 3200Mhz

RX 580 ASUS DUAL OC Edition

A520 AORUS Elite (Latest BIOS as of writing)

Crucial M.2 NVME 1TB SSD.

Windows 10 Pro
(Version: 20H2, OS Build: 19042.964, Latest as of writing)

Cooler Master 500W 80 PLUS (Used to be able to run on this, currently in the system)
Aero White 500W 80 PLUS (New PSU bought for this new system, swapped with CM 500W)



Thank you

1 Solution

Problem solved: Faulty GPU

Now just gotta wait for when the GPU prices drop to use my refund to buy another GPU. RIP.

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Adept I


Do you install mobo chipset drivers after using DDU or other driver software? (remove them too).
If not first reinstall chipset drivers then gpu.




Hi there,

Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean, could you please further explain it?

Also the links do not work.

In terms of how I installed the things, I had installed the motherboard BIOS update after installing the Radeon drivers as I had forgotten to update the BIOS right after booting up the system.

After that, I had began to use DDUs.



DDU when you choose "AMD driver" remove all of them from the system. Not only GPU but also motherboard AMD chipset drivers.

So, first thing to do after clean "AMD drivers" is to install motherboard chipset drivers and then GPU from AMD support site.

Also good thing to do when using DDU is to check Options and mark the "Block drivers from Windows Update"




Hi there, just tried what you suggested.

It did not seem to work still.

Though I tested it in VRChat and the game does not seem to show the checkered anymore, it does still show other graphical glitches before soft crashing the gpu.

Blocks missing in Minecraft.


Problem solved: Faulty GPU

Now just gotta wait for when the GPU prices drop to use my refund to buy another GPU. RIP.