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Adept II

Blank Screen after boot screen on Radeon Software 2018 (18.7.1, 18.10.1) - 2019 (19.1.x - 19.5.1)

Laptop HP Pavilion 15-P231AX


CPU A10-7300

Graphics : Active display using IGP detected as R6 by any Radeon Software or detected as Dual Graphics by Catalyst 15.7.1, 15.11.1

Second Graphic : R7 M260 detected by any Radeon Software or R7 M265DX detected by Catalyst 15.7.1, 15.11.1

Got blank screen after Boot screen   since Windows ver 1903 build 1831x   to latest ver 20H1 build 18895. Mouse pointer appeared on screen, so i think this machine succesfully got through desktop screen but gets blank screen.

These Radeon Software were successfully installed, but the IGP got error 43 on device manager.

No problem like this when i was on windows 10 ver 1809 builds using Radeon software 18.7.1, 18.10.1.

For now i rolled back to Catalyst Software which works with no blank screen problem with this machine.

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