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Journeyman III

Blackscreens, shutdowns, event viewer problems and the right drivers


Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L850-1KG

Windows 10 64bit

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series

Driver Version: 15.7.1 / 15.200.1062.1004

Attached Images show more information about the GPU details!

Hey folks! I couldn't find a similar topic, but maybe I'm asking the wrong question.

I have various issues with my display and the laptop in general. From time to time colored streaks flicker over the monitor, the display gets black or the laptop shuts itself down rather randomly. This happens in different situations e.g. when I rebooted the PC a few moments ago or it's running for hours. And even though I just use firefox and no other applications. 

Actually, I don't know much about computers and don't have a clue about the cause. I clean installed Windows a few days ago and updated all the drivers except the AMD ones, because I don't know my graphic card. Only that it is part of the AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series. So my first question is: Can you help me find my graphic card and the right drivers? I tried auto-install via the AMD site, but it crashed more than it help. So I tried to figure out on my own, which driver I have to choose. 

I searched on GPU Database | TechPowerUp  for my driver components (attached), but the best I can find is a 90% match with the AMD Radeon HD 7690M. Is it common that it's not a perfect fit? And as I have to choose: Should I go for the

  • Catalyst Software Suite: Revision Number 15.7.1 WHQL -> 7/2015
    (It's allready installed, so i only could try a clean reinstall)
  • Or Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta: Revision Number 16.2.1 -> 1/2016

Secondly, in the Windows Event Viewer - simultaneous to some blackscreens - I get the following Warning: "Display driver 'amdkmdap' stopped responding and has successfully recovered" (Event-ID: 4101). So my second question is: Is it a problem that can be fixed by a simple reinstall of the drivers? Or what can I do about it?

Another Event Viewer warning seems connected to the drivers as well: "ATI EEU PnP start/stop failed" (Event-ID: 16396).   This thread recommends an update to Version 15.200.1062.1003, but I already have Version 15.200.1062.1004. Beats me... Maybe it can be fixed with new drivers as well?

So I'm happy for any advice and help! 

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Re: Blackscreens, shutdowns, event viewer problems and the right drivers

Please try this.

Set your driver to default

Uninstall your driver an install this one.