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Adept I

Black Screen

Arh yes the infamous black screen memes. Owning a AMD GPU wears and tears on your sanity. This is my last ditch effort before I am unplugging this card and bashing it with a hammer and going with a Nvidia GPU instead. 

So to shortly summarize:
I get black screens, I get those where I need to do a hard reboot, black screen with sound. Sometimes I get a crash where I can still go to the desktop and close the program as well as the AMD Driver Software, since the Driver software crash and becomes unresponsive. Sometimes my stuff just freeze on desktop and becomes unresponsive as well. 

I have fiddled with the power consumption in the control panel, I have DDU'ed in safe mode with no internet. I have tried numerous different driver versions, I have tried undervolting, disabling hardware acceleration, I have tried fiddling with game settings. I have tried a fresh windows install. (There is nothing wrong with my PSU, so don't even go there 750 watts). My rams are okay as well. 

I can play games like WoW for some hours but crashes still happens, but RDR2 and games like Total Warhammer 2 I crash pretty quickly.  

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Adept I

Solved by buying Nvidia GPU. 

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Adept I

Forgot to say I also tried the regedit thing. 


what is your system specs?


Please read my thread. 

Community Manager

Perhaps the GPU is faulty, are you able to try it on a different system?

Providing more information might generate more helpful responses from the community. 


Already returned it once to the store I bought it from. They ran a stresstest and said nothing was wrong. 

Operative System: Window 10
Driver version installed: Latest 
Display Devices: AOC 144 hertz monitor 
Motherboard + Bios Revision: Asus Rampage Formula IV + 1305 
CPU/APU: i-7 3820 
PSU: 750 watts
RAM: 16 gb

There's still a lot of information missing from your post, which makes offering suggestions difficult. For example:

Which build of Windows 10 you are using?

What is the make and model of your PSU?

Is anything overclocked on your system?

What is the make and model of your system memory, what frequency/voltage/timings is it using?

Did you provide instructions to the store on how to reproduce the issue you experience?

Please can you also provide a picture showing the internals of your PC case?

А может ли эту проблему создать не активированная Windows?

Adept I

Had another BSOD. This time I managed to get the error. 
I am getting a video_tdr_failure error. I hope this may help narrow it down. 


I tried some different underclocking settings. I was able to play total warhammer for some time but it crashed about one and a half hour in. Will let you know if the undervolting did anything. 


Adept I

Alright, my patience has run out. It has only gotten worse. I am done with AMD. I am buying a nvidia gpu now and this piece of horrid dog excrement which is the  5700 gets with the hammer. I've spend three months of my life now trying to troubleshoot something that should work from the get go. It is simply wrong that normal consumers have to troubleshoot something this asinine since it's been a AMD issue for almost three years. Frankly it just feels like AMD doesn't care about it's consumer since they have made no real effort in solving this. I will not recommend AMD GPUs to anybody I know. I hope everyone else heed my warning. AMD is not worth the effort. A consumer is not suppose to have to LARP as a IT support technician. Godspeed to those of you that keep trying. It is quite clear that AMD has no real interest in solving this issue and I have no faith left in these so called "quick fixes". 

I hope AMD is sued for selling a product which is unstable. 

Adept I

Solved by buying Nvidia GPU. 


1) If our monitor has free sync technology, switch to DVI-D (It matters because this type of cable deactivates FreeSync)

2) Download DDU and drivers in version 20.12.1 and then disconnect our computer from the Internet.

3) Start Windows in safe mode and we use DDU to remove all AMD software from the computer. Reboot the system.

4) Install drivers version 20.12.1


How do I boot in safe mode my pc doesn’t have a restart button and I can’t go into bios