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Journeyman III

Black screen with RX 580

Hey guys... So a couple days ago I had my rx580 working fine, had the software and everything.
But it had very low performance, crashed every time under about 50% load etc.

Then yesterday it stopped working, 
Now how did it " stop " working, I booted my pc and it black screened
I rebooted, same thing.
So I unplugged my RX580 and it booted fine, So I thought to myself its probably just a driver issue. I went to delete the drivers with DDU and reinstall.
The deletion process was normal, didnt have any issues with deleting the drivers,
But when I went to redownload the AMD drivers and software it crashed when downloading.
Wasn't able to turn off pc with power button, so i had to unplug it from the wall.

Posted a question on reddit, some people told me it was bricked, 
So i flashed new bios, ran "  amdvbflash -i " the test passed, Patched the drivers, Rebooted, Downloaded new drivers got this issue

So followed countless youtube tutorials to no avail,
Reflashed, redownloaded, deleted old drivers nothing worked.

Someone please help me
also you can read my full reddit thread here

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Hey, Well yes it does sound similar but for my case its completely different.
The system knows i have an rx580 plugged in, It has the drivers and yet it still doesn't want to work.
And i already have windows automatically download drivers off, so that couldn't be the case for me.

Cant run any games using my Dedicated GPU cause it just wouldn't pick up,
It shows up in Device Manager but still doesn't want to work.

After it SUCCESFULLY downloads drivers without crashing, it still wouldn't open up the AMD software, I even tried older version of drivers...

I just need to know what is causing this issue. 


When you say it doesn't open up AMD software... 

Sometimes I need to type radeon to windows search and open it, then it opens by itself. usually after some update.

Even though your problem is a bit different, you can try those solutions.


Well I did try some.
None worked unfortunately, 
Why does my Rx580 not show up in the task manager performance tab even though it is registered in my device manager as working and up to date 

I tried opening the software again, same thing 
" The version of amd software: Adrenalin Edition you have launched is not compatible with your currently installed graphics driver. Please check your system for other versions on AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition that may currently be installed. A factory reset of your AMD software: Adrenalin Edition installation is recommended. More information about this problem can be found at Https:// support/kb/faq/pa-300 "

I launched AMD cleanup utility and everything, then reinstalled still nothing.
I am quite literally losing my mind.


Win10 or 11?

DDU driver, reinstall from AMD's website. Do the thing that prevents Win11 to install driver update before yo do DDU or anything else.


I'm using windows 10.
I did already disable the auto windows driver downloader though.



"Why does my Rx580 not show up in the task manager performance tab even though it is registered in my device manager as working and up to date "

You wouldn't happen to have a screenshot?


22H2? I think this is a release thing. 


Hey, I was downloading the 

Revision Number
Adrenalin 22.5.1 Recommended (WHQL)

So i did a full windows reinstall and when i went to download drivers again... My pc froze att 95%
Completely frozen and i needed to unplug it from the wall,
Then when i turned on my pc it black screened, 

I feel defeated, I've been diagnosing this for 3 days non stop...
Made a reddit post on the AMDhelp sub too, 
Tried all the suggestions but still not working.

Is it my motherboard, ram cpu or the graphics card itself. Please help me diagnose this further.

OS:Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19045 ) 

GPU Driver: ( none yet )

CPU: Intel core i3 61000

Gpu: Rx580 4gb Sapphire Pulse

PSU: Suburb 600W Aero cool

Ram: Kingston 16GB ddr4 2100


rx580 is a 185 watt card the fact that it crashes under load tells me that you "don't have the power" with GPU wattage from team red at 350W and green 450W I would recommend a 1000W power supply.  it does not mean it will use 1000W it means it can if it needs too.  Running a powersuppy for over 3 hours it really should be overated by 25% that is what NFPA dictates in building construction. You are relying on rated Diodes and capacitors and you are past it's limits  700 Watts ~ minimum. Your cooking your underrated psu. 

My 2cents voltsxamps is watts 746 Watts is a horsepower 


I understand that, 
But right now the card wouldnt even useable 
It is plugged in, device manager recognizes it as an RX580, fans spinning
yet no image, go into graphics settings try to change priority settings, the only " gpu " option is my integrated intel graphics.

It worked before, now its not. And when it was working / gaming it was only using 200 watts