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Journeyman III

Black Screen When Using AMD FreeSync in New World


Just updated to 21.11.3... And started New World and an old bug has returned... Black Screen when Freesync is enabled...

It works fine with 21.8.2...


I can click in Freesync and screen goes black... I tab and unclick it and it doesn't turn black anymore... And I can keep doing this... It's not that big of an issue, I can play New World fine without Freesync... I have not tested it in other games...

Yes, I like... And yes, this is my first post.



Oh, and I have a Msi 3440x1440 screen (MAG342CQRV)

MSI RX5700XT Gaming X




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As far as I have heard here in the forum, such features do not contribute significantly to the improvement at very high resolutions, but they put a strain on the graphics card. That will probably be different for the graphics machines of the games. In addition, always update the new Radeon graphics driver Windows and the chipset driver from Mobo manufacturer support, because that is related. In addition, others have even worse problems with the RX5700XT, you can check my posts. Then you have to have at least a 6800 if something like this is to work well,


I have the most expensive rx5700xt card from MSI, which is also the generation previous to the current one and you're saying it's **bleep**?


Great, I feel a lot better now... LOL


Lets just hope they fix the issue which was working in the 21.8.2...


@Xarox you have never heard of all the problems with the RX 5000 series so far?
Did you not check any reviews before buying this card?

my personal RX 5700 XT owner story:
- wanted a new GPU in nov 2020, but this was right in the middle of covid, when factories shut down
- was aiming for nvidia RTX 3070 or Radeon RX 6800 XT
- none of these cards were available at this time... spent 3 weeks looking for a card
- sometimes there was stock, but prices were at least 40% higher than MSRP (no thanks!)
- I informed myself about RX 5700 XT and read all about the driver problems (since launch day)
- some people say its lottery (50/50 chance if it will run) others blame the drivers
- to this day you can still find people that insist that they have no problems at all - interesting.
- I was building a new PC and got tired of waiting for a GPU so decided to buy 2019/2020 hardware gen instead

- bought RX 5700 XT new for the lowest ever recorded price (checked price comparison pages)
- so I got a good deal for a 1,5 years old card, that was new (as in unused, fresh from the shelves)
- first 3 days of testing revealed system crashes, game crashes, screen flickering and black screens
- was thinking about returning the card, but got some useful tips within this community here

- It is now almost 1 year later, I still have the card and the list of problems and issue gets longer ^^
-> hot spot temps over 90°C = PC freezes/crashes
-> had to repaste the card in order to get rid of a huge temp delta
-> using any kind of Radeon Software features would cause game crashes / screen flickering for me
-> ended up uninstalling Radeon Software and am now using MSI Afterburner and MorePowerTool instead
-> GPU core, SoC and memory do have massive downclocking problems on older games (and CPU bound games)
-> found some workaround solutions for most of these problems - but it is a lot of effort and tinkering

- overall everyday use is now crash free, but depending on game and use scenario, I need to use custom profiles
- without those custom profiles I still get performance issues or rare crashes

AMD is also auto-overclocking these cards right out of the box, when you install any default driver,
without changing the settings. The default setting is pushing the cards towards 2100 MHz : 1200 mV,
which can be far too much for a lot of RX 5700 XT cards and causes more noise and more heat and
often leads to system freezes/crashes.

You say you "have the most expensive rx5700xt card from MSI" as if that would be a good thing!?
Price does not result in stability or product quality - does it come with shiny RGB stuff? ^^

enjoy your RX 5700 XT - I know it can be frustrating, but it can be great when it works.


--- [ CPU: Ryzen 7 3800XT | GPU: ASRock RX 5700XT Challenger Pro 8GB | driver: 24.1.1 ]
--- [ MB: MSI B550-A Pro AGESA | RAM: 2x 16GB 3600-CL16 | chipset: ]
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It was the same for me, but I did not inform myself sufficiently in advance about the problems at the time, ultimately the price of 429 euros for my GiBy Aorus RX5700XT 8 GB was decisive. Now I hardly have any problems playing games, crashes with WattMan, and only those that I had, have become very rare. And I owe that to this community, and I am happy to pass on my experience. Unfortunately, the prices for comparable or slightly higher quality graphics cards are still in the 7th heaven. You can make the PC tower complete for this.


I am actually one of those you mention that has no issues at all. No heat problems or anything. The only problem (ok I have 1) is the freesync black screen issue... That's it...

However, I have noticed a weird thing.

I play New World. I used to constantly check temps using Windows 10s own taskmanager. It can monitor temps on the gpu and other hardware. (New World is famous for burning up gpus.) Anyway, Windows 10 reported high temps on my gpu. +-100 degrees Celcius at only 60fps max... I was like, ok... The game has/had is issues so maybe its normal. I played it at 30fps and had temps between 70-85 which was nice... I was happy... Then later, after couple patches of the game, I thought it was weird that my temps are the same. No fix on the gpu temp issue... That's when I tried MSI Afterburner... I had the live temp feed on top of the game. It was only showing around 70-75 degrees at 60fps... And few tests, windows was clearly reporting the wrong numbers... 30 degrees wrong...

I actually did my research before I bought the card... It's the reason why I got the Gaming X... There wasn't any bad reports on that card... I read that they had major issues with heat and bad cooling paste with cheaper models...

Like I said before... Freesync was working with New World, but I updated my drivers, which one always should... Or should you? I've read contradicting comments saying that if you don't have a problem, why update? I didn't have a problem, but, I went with the "always should update" knowledge... It's ok though, if it doesn't get fixed, I can always go back to the driver that worked...

Thank you for your story about your 5700... Sorry that it didn't work for you until you had to have all that hazzle with it first... Good thing about having issues is that we learn new things...



If you have found a driver version, that is working for you: stick with it!
Most of those newer driver versions are aimed at 6000 series cards anyway.

There has been a 1 year wait before AMD released the 21.9.1 which enabled S.A.M. on 5000 series.
I have been using 20.8.3 driver from Dec 2020 until 21.9.1 released 9 Month later.
(tried a lot of new driver versions, but always went back to 20.8.3 because it was more stable)

You will always find people that say "you need to update drivers".
And you will always find people that say "never change a running system".
-> In the end it depends on many things and you might have to find out which driver works for you.
-> this depends on the games you play, the hardware you are using and the stability of each driver version

You need to understand that a new driver does not mean "stable and perfect",
AMD has been using the community as early access / beta / bug testers for a long time,
and when you think about it, it becomes clear why:
So many different GPUs out there - and even more use case scenarios.
-> There is no way that AMD could invest all the time to check each new driver for stability issues
-> at least not for each of these older GPUs
-> so they will focus on their latest GPU series for testing
-> and then improve the driver later, after people tell them about bugs with their older GPUs

In short: you may have to test for yourself which driver works for you and the games you play.
There is always a chance that a new driver will break something. Stick to one that works for you.

There is no reason for you to upgrade drivers if they are working fine for your use case.
And do not listen to the people who say "you need to update" ... it is only half of the story.


--- [ CPU: Ryzen 7 3800XT | GPU: ASRock RX 5700XT Challenger Pro 8GB | driver: 24.1.1 ]
--- [ MB: MSI B550-A Pro AGESA | RAM: 2x 16GB 3600-CL16 | chipset: ]