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Journeyman III


Hello, this problem. The computer has been working properly for 4 years. Suddenly the next time I turn on there is no image on the monitor. (The monitor is working). The image appears only when connected to the built-in video card. I tried all possible methods and nothing helps. I installed it on another computer and also image. The sensor on the video card is on, the coolers are spinning, there is no damage, the temperature is normal. Also, when I went through the integrated video card, the computer does not see the discrete card. I tried to remove all the drivers and install the recommended ones and the computer began to see the video card but with an exclamation mark. When he started the PC, he did not see the video card again. What could be the problem?I believe that the problem is in BIOS video cards. Where can I get it and how to update it. If it’s not in it, then tell me what.

Videocard-Asus AMD Radeon R7 250x

Motherboard-Asus H61M-K