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Journeyman III

Black Screen When Booting with Display adapter enabled.

AMD Graphics Card:XFX Radeon HD 6850

  • Lenovo desktop montor[PC not laptop]
    Windows 64bit
    Driver version:AMD Radeon HD 6800 series
    Lenovo[RN using microsoft basic display 1280x1024
    because AMD turns my pc black
    Gyazo - d2392bafcf1ca96b3ed91e691e040b17.png
    8GB of ram

    Whenever i boot up my pc in normal mode with my AMD display adapter in device manager enabled, i get a black screen after the windows logo and the circular-moving dots. The only way i can get on my pc is disabling my adapter in safe mode and then using microsoft basic one, which destroys my resolution and i cant play my games on it. I checked INSIDE my pc and cleared some dust off of it and make sure it wasnt loose or anything but the issue still stands. When i reinstall the uptodate version of the driver theres a 50% chance my screen will go black and the driver wont install,

    I really dont wanna trash my pc and i need urgent help, Thanks!

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This is your third thread concerning the same problem is not going to help your cause.



I gave an possible answer to the same question on your second post: Black Screen When booting/Reinstalling AMD latest driver :C


your  AMD GPU HD6xxx series card is considered to be Legacy (Non-supported and old). According to the other thread you installed a newer driver which is probably why you are having issues now. You need to install the last Supported driver for your card which is from 2015/2016 here: Legacy . No other newer drivers than those posted will be compatible with your HD6xxx series AMD GPU card. If you want to play the latest games, you need to purchase a AMD GPU card that is supported by AMD.

"When i reinstall the uptodate version of the driver theres a 50% chance my screen will go black and the driver wont install,"

YOU CAN NOT UPDATE THE GPU DRIVER ON YOUR HD 6800 series  LEGACY CARD.  The only drivers you can use is the one in the LINK ABOVE and no others.


Bro i tried to install them and they dont work, it is the other one , not 6800


You are really confusing me, you specs says HD 6850. Which GPU are you talking about? 

Also you need to update your Windows to version 1709 when you have a chance.

Make sure your WIndows is totally updated via Windows Update. Delete C:\AMD folder.

When you uninstall the AMD GPU drivers use Windows Uninstall and then use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in safe mode. reboot and reinstall the correct AMD driver for your GPU card - Full set.


how can i update it


If you are asking about updating Windows 10 here is the link you can use to upgrade from the Internet directly or download an .ISO to install manually. Your choice : Download Windows 10

I believe you have ten days to try out the new upgraded version before you can revert to the old version. After ten days you are stuck with the new version unless you make a System Image Backup of your computer. Either by using a 3rd party backup (there are some free versions of Backup from Easeus or Macrium or google it) or Windows own backup.


Wait so I must not download 6850 drivers for 6800? If that true it will help me I have same problem.

Journeyman III



If you don't like the new version of Windows 10 -1709 you can always revert it back to the previous Windows if you haven't deleted any of the files that deals with the old Windows 10 version. I believe you have a 10 day grace period to do this. After that time you won't be able to revert to the older version unless you made a Windows System Backup.

My final advice is to contact AMD Support. Send either a AMD REPORT ISSUE : AMD Issue Reporting Form or email them, which is probably better since you will probably get a response back, : Email Form or better yet do both.

Journeyman III

Hi. I had the same problem with my 7950.

After trying everything on the Web, I noticed there was a failed windows install of the amd drivers. Even though I had self.

As my screen was going black at the time win 10 loads drivers I concluded there was a clash.

I booted into my bios and set the imbedded gpu as multi screen

Moved monitor to on border graphics port

Booted win into safe mode with network

Downloaded  ddu.

Set wifi to metered network "on"

Ran ddu and removed amd drivers.

Rebooted to win 10.

Downloaded and installed and catalyst  15.x.x

(Because my card is a bit old)

Rebooted pc

Moved monitor cable to graphics card.

And it worked.

Checked in device manager and it was there.

My only problem was in all the previous  vain attempted fixes. I damaged my card and now have artifacts. Problem  for another day.

Hope this helps.

My rig.

MSI z370 sli plus


16gb vengeance lpx 2666

Msi twin frozr oc 7950(saving for some thing better but this gives 60+ fps most games)

Journeyman III

SOLVED FOR ME - Tried to update the driver today. On restart, PC boots but, but no display signal...

I have a Skytech gaming PC (Ryzen 5 2600, AMD RX 580) running Windowx 10. We got it today and set-up my sons games. We then did the windows updates. Followed by the AMD driver updates. We were then prompted to RESTART. That's when HELL began. The PC would power up, but no display. We tried the 12 resets, the F8, the restart 3 times, F2, new HDMI, VGA, etc... we just couldn't get the display up to access safe mode.

Luckily, I had an older Windows 10 laptop. I pulled the drive from the Skytech PC and magically, it booted fine into Safe Mode on the laptop. I at first did a "feature uninstall" - that didn't work.

I then tried SYSTEM RESTORE. It sounds scary but it rolls back your computer to the certain update times/dates. In this case, it showed AMD 19.XX.XX and today's date and time when we started the updates. I picked that timeframe (as it was the only one). The restore took 15 minutes (as the PC is new anyway). When done I put the drive back in the Skytech PC and... YAY! It was back to it's old self. I'm so glad we kept this old laptop!