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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

BLACK SCREEN R9 Fury X with new tech.

Black screen when i start to install drivers, after soft off and on a bunch of times i got them installed but then soon as i open settings black screen again and it wont run any games. Tried pretty much everything, newest drivers older Crimson ones. Nothing works. Windows is updated, bios is updated. Any ideas before i throw this away for NVIDIA??? thx

Ryzn 9 3900x

Gigbyt Aorus Pro Wifi

32gb Trident Z 3600

XFX R9 Fury X

2 Replies

"Any ideas before i throw this away for NVIDIA??? thx"

Yes, see this link:

This fix has always worked for me, always.

Read the post and the subsequent and good luck, perhaps it will solve your black screen issues!