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Adept I

Black Screen issues, maybe this will help?

So far I have owned 5 different versions of the 5700 xt. I have managed to make each one of them work, minus some other issues like driver versions causing stuttering when the overlay was enabled. I would play a game, for example, Borderlands 3, everything would be smooth, then black screen, hard reboot, and windows event viewer > system would have nothing except for when I forced the shut down. This happened on Jedi fallen order, Monster hunter World, Resident Evil 2, Outer Worlds etc. 

When each game crash or black screen occurred, Event Viewer showed a corresponding Distributed COM error for (lso was triggered)

It would look similar to this: 


So after googling it I found a few sites that offered how to fix this :How to Fix 'The Application-Specific Permission Settings do not Grant Local Activation Permission fo...  this one being a fairly straight forward one. 

After editing all the strings that had shown in my event viewer warnings, I stopped getting black screens, and more recently with Monster Hunter Worlds the "Graphic Device Encountered an error" message. 

Note I did not try any of this while running multiple monitors, and my system config is as follows:

Asus X570 Tuf Wifi Motherboard

16 GB Ram

Ryzen 3700x

850W RM Series Corsair PSU

Gigabyte 5700 xt

I tested this fix on the following cards as well and had the same results, each card was installed with a fresh Windows 10 install, and Driver install, and the COM errors would appear a few days after the refreshed installations. 

MSI Mech OC 5700 xt

XFX Raw II 5700 xt

Powercolor Red Devil 5700 xt

Sapphire Nitro Pulse 5700 xt

At one point I did swap out to a 2070 Super, but it was unaffected by the COM errors that would still appear. Hopefully this helps someone. 

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