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Journeyman III

Re: Black Screen in Windows 10 with Driver 17.4.4

I have concluded that we have physically defective video cards, not just bad drivers.

Brand new, Gigabyte Radeon RX580 Gaming 8GB.

Asrock H87WS-DL motherboard


Installs with Microsoft basic driver. In clean install of Creators update of Windows 10, during driver install, I get screen flicker and then hard lock up.  Need to revert in safe mode to boot into windows.

In windows 7, also clean install. Driver installs. Go to reboot Windows, and it crashes during boot and need to select from the recovery screen to boot windows. It runs for a few minutes, then I get notifications that the video driver has crashed and recovered.  I usually get 2 of these before it hard locks up.  It never runs more than 10 minutes before this happens.

I do not believe that drivers could be released that would fail (not talking about edge case crashing in certain games, just getting the driver installed!) on multiple OS's for brand new hardware.  This *HAS* to mean there is a defect in the actual hardware, and our only option is to replace them.

Edit: For me, the problem follows the motherboard and I will be RMA'ing it next.  The CPU, RAM, PSU and Video card are all tested working in another motherboard.  I don't think anything was wrong with either video cards (the original I RMA'd thinking it was the problem and the replacement I purchased).

Not sure if the H87 chipset has anything to do with it, or just plain coincidence.


Re: Black Screen in Windows 10 with Driver 17.4.4

Sounds almost brand new, new enough to say the Driver Software included is newest and card should be under warranty. TBH you went further than I would have if I got a card, , smelled fresh new plastic, installed it and that happened.

I would have sent it in RMA / or exchanged it asking for a list of current choices at listed price. Not sure were you bought it, if newegg, I'm told send in 3 weeks ealier than you would have waited, because they changed there policies when win10 hit.

Adept I

Re: Black Screen in Windows 10 with Driver 17.4.4

Thanks all bros for your further suggestion and help, instead of wasting my time keep try and error, I had just sold this card with less then USD 30, and just got a new GTX 1060 6GB, the new card run smooth and drivers run prefectly, now my dual monitor is back.

Thanks all bros for your help once again although it didn't solve the issues still ...

Adept I

Re: Black Screen in Windows 10 with Driver 17.4.4

bro, tried 10-20 version for whole  Labor Holiday ... (2017/5/1)  with reinstalling windows 10 8.1 and even 7 still not works.

DDU, unplug internet, USB local cache drivers (ver 13 - ver 17) many different version etc ...

It is either Green screen as attached once driver is installed or Black screen (when it should display windows login) after loading windows logo screen.

Finally I given up, thanks for your info !