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Adept I

Black Screen during Driver Install

Hello everyone, so it looks like this is a recurring problem here in AMD community.

Yesterday I updated my drivers, played 10min and then my screen went gray. After that it wouldn't show anything after Windows boot screen. I was able to enter Windows Safe Mode and I tried uninstalling the driver from Device Manager. It worked but I'm not able to install any driver versions now (I've tried some 2019 and 2020 editions).

I've already ran both DDU and AMD Cleanup Utility, but every time I try to install a driver, my screen turns black and I can only get video when entering safe mode or reverting to Windows' Generic Drive. I've also tried to update the driver from Windows Update, but my screen goes black as well.

None of the procedures of these videos worked: Video 1 |Video 2 


Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2

MSI 970 Gaming MoBo

AMD FX-6300

AMD Radeon R7 370 Graphics Card


So I looked over the community topics but none of the solutions I found worked here.

I would not like to clean install Windows, does anyone know any other procedure I could do to fix this?

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Adept I

I have the same problem

x470 crosshair 7 hero wifi
msi reference 6900XT

I can see bios but as soon as it loads windows only black screen. But when I remote in from my iPad I can see everything.
I went to safemode and used ddu to remove drivers... booted back to windows and everything works. 
Downloaded new drivers (radeon-rx6900xt-rx6800xt-adrenalin-20.12.2-dec17) but as soon as they finish installing only black screen again.. and only way to see anything is to remote in or safemode.

@tonn333not sure the problem is the same as the autor of the thread ... you are able to operate with black screen and remote ... but don't know if autor 's black screen is a pc crash or just a black screen and pc still running .. need precisions


He can confirm but I'm pretty sure it's the same issue.

Here's what device manager shows me:
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

Under details tab on 6900XT properties: 

Problem code:



maybe you can try to test with another cable or cable type , like hdmi if possible , or another plug from the card

or try to switch display screen off , or unplug and replug while pc running ? try things like this to see if it tells something ?


code 43 seem to be an incompatibility issue with software ... seen some nvidia having this with some windows updates ... don't know more for now

if you have used ddu already and not helping maybe clean windows reinstall can help to see if problem persists ... you can even try to install a windows version on an external drive to check before reinstalling on your main hard drive (use "rufus" to install windows on an external usb drive)


Cable is working fine because without the driver installed (windows default driver) or in safemode it works.
And it use to work with this exact driver.

It started when I decided to shut down my computer after it has been running for a long time. I removed two non system internal ssds and installed them back, probably fliping the sata cables between them.
And when I started my computer again I only saw black screen with code AA on my crosshair 7 motherboard. 

I don't know what else to try. For now I just run it with windows default driver as I can atleast work.


I also have this issue with the latest drivers using a 5500XT card.


 ... i think sometime cable problems are more tricky than just "working" or not,

it's mainly about testing from another connector more than changing cable to see if gpu detects something and reset the display or not etc..

but sure for your case you have an error code indicating something else (in your case i would try to reinstall windows on an external drive , like a 64Go usb key for example or even another internal hard drive if you have one, by just selecting it in bios boot menu ... (can save a lot of time to restart from scratch sometime), ..



I just reinstalled latest windows 10 on another drive but same issue again.

I installed other drivers and as soon as I installed latest gup drivers display looses connection.
What should I do???? Please AMD I need help. 


Same problem with latest 21.1.1 drivers with my 1700 euro gpu >:(

Went back to windows default drivers because I need to work.

I have no ideas how to proceed.


I've done the same exact steps as @tonn333 for my RX 6800 but NOTHING! During driver installation the screen goes black and loses signal. I am out of ideas... AMD needs to fix this now!


So after running a few tests (AKA Uninstalling and Installing my drivers about 10 more times):

- I've tried to install versions 17.11.1, 18.2.1, 20.2.1, 20.11.2 e 20.12.1, but none of them worked.

- I let some music playing while installing my drivers and after the screen blacks out it plays a few more seconds and then i hear a "broken record" noise and it stops. So my PC probably crashes.

- I also tried running Xubuntu from my USB Flash Drive and it only gives me video on the "Try with Safe Graphics" mode.


Do you thing I can assume the worst and start looking for a new GPU? :smileysad:

For now I'm also using my PC with the default driver, because as @tonn333 said, at least we can work/do basic stuff.


@prearolwhat is your psu ?

check psu cables , unplug secondary screens, check display dp cables , maybe try with dvi to test ... check ram (set to 3200 until problem solved) ... no oc besides ?

Journeyman III

I have the same problem installing drivers.


My Specs: Win 10 Home 64bit 

Mother ASROCK A520

RYZEN 5 PRO 4650G With RAdeon Graphics