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Adept I

Black screen during amd driver install

Hi guys, 

I just set up my brand new desktop pc - brand new meaning the parts have arrived today. Everything went smooth untill the driver install for the gpu - at 70-80% black screen and won't recover. 2 windows reinstalls, dunno how many DDU runs and not working... I don't know what to do.. Anyone who can help me?

PS : if I don't install the driver everything works fine - also the latest drivers I used - tryed with 20.2.2; 20.3.1; 19.10.1; 19.12.1; 19.7.1

PS2 : I would like to mention that after the black screen the system still runs - music is playing in the background

System spec :

Motherboard : Asus tuf gaming X570 

Processor : Ryzen 7 3700x


GPU : Sapphire nitro+ RX 5700xt 

Power supply : corsair 80+ gold 650w

Thanks in advance for the help

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Hello Grim, 
I don't have an R9 270X but an R9 270 (not sure if much difference) and have been troubleshooting until now. Today I got to lend some old GPU from my friend and I could install the driver for it (I borrowed an GeForce 8800). So  I suspect that my AMD GPU is dead, even if I barely put stress on it on its lifetime. 

It's sad if I am correct, and that no driver will ever work with it again. The warranty for my is long gone.  

Hope you figure it out, and keep me updated if you find a solution. 


Hi all

I am having the same problem with my Rx550. Running on Windows 10. After driver installed, reboot, out of sudden the screen will just black off but the music still playing. After I force reboot pc, still won't see my bios post screen. Need to keep trying force reboot to make the screen appear again. Any solution to this? 


hi guys i had this problem with my asus r9 270x untill ysterday, my gpu restarts pc right after install driver and never stop restarting just operation system start over and over again,  i searched this problem in many forums and i understand that; its not a software or windows  problem,  its gpu itself.  after many search i found one and only solution for this = GET İT İN OWEN- i decided the try it and first i deeply clean gpu board(both front and back)  by alcohol and soft brush carefully. then get it in owen(taking risks) 200 degrees 10 minutes(there are some videos on int. how to do it) then let it cool, thermal paste etc.. When its time to try, boom its work. i could install last amd driver. maybe it is not a long-term solution but gave me some time to buy new one, hope this helps.  owen the gpu is your own risk.


Also i had to add virtual machines config xml

<vendor_id state="on" value="pffAMD"/>


Journeyman III

You need to break the bios setup, shut down your PC and remove all electric supplies, then remove the battery from the motherboard for 10 to 20 seconds > now reinsert the battery on the motherboard and start your pc and install ADM Card driver.

This will work.

Journeyman III

i has the same problem with you, its go black sreen when i updated a new driver from 20.4.1 to 21.4.1 before i used 20.4.1 worked finely, then i uninstall again the newest version 21.4.1 with ddu at safemode then reinstall the 20.4.1 and its already fine

Adept I

I had the same problem (you can see my post right here )


I just changed monitor ( i was playing on an old monitor, with HDMI connection ( if i had to guess, i think the monitor had like HDMI 1.4). 
I changed my screen to a more recent one with a DP 1.4, and i have no problem with it for now. 

I don't know how backward compatible is the Dp 1.4 to hdmi 2.1 to hdmi 1.4...

So if you "can" just try to plug your config to a somewhat recent screen, and see if you have any display !

I'll definitely try doing that but it doesn't make sense considering my current monitor is already pretty recent its a good monitor and it works fine with my other PC