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Journeyman III

Black screen due to Drivers

Hello, I recently re installed my windows because of some problems. After installing windows I tried installing the AMD Graphics Drivers ( I run a rx 570), but after the installation the display went black and stopped responding, even though the pc was fully working and responding, even the sound. This had happened to me before and I fixed it by uninstalling all the drivers in safe mode with DDU then installing an older version of the Graphics drivers, but this time I tried installing a lot of different version and tried many other fixes, even tried the optional drivers, but still After the installation the display goes black. I need my computer for my work so please help fast. Thanks

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Journeyman III

Same problem here, any solution?


Raise the power limit slider in Radeon Settings under the tuning tab to +50, all the way to the right is max. 

This should help this. 

If this doesn't help completely add a custom fan curve that kicks the fan speed up to full at around 70 degrees. 

This issue is super common on Polaris cards this helps most users. 

Journeyman III

Is the old driver maybe 20.4.2? I do use a VFIO Setup but i also get a bugged Screen with each driver after 20.4.2.

I don't know what VFIO is. I don't personally like any of the 2020 drivers on Polaris. The last 2019 driver in December last year runs well. 

You can find it still at guru3d dot com. Just run DDU first if you want to regress the driver.