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Journeyman III

Black Screen Before login!!!

HI Friends,

so let me get straight to the issue!!

it all started one year back when amd released drivers which supports mantle versions.....

at that time ,i was using windows 8.1 64 bit ... i let that auto detect utlity to download latest drivers at that time...and then i installed it.the version was 15.7 catalyst !!!

and there started this problem... when i shut down and power on my computer ,it boots normally and then a black screen appears after the windows logo and before login page...

just a black screen,no mouse pointer or nothing .... just black... then  i manually RESTARTS by pressing the restart button in my cpu and now it boots up normally and no black screen...and everything becomes normal like i can login and use my computer ..... and then i shutdown my pc and power on ,and thr comes the black screen and then i have to restart manually  and then no black screen after windows logo... i was at that time concentrating on my studies .so i just changed my os to windows 7 and everything becomes normal with the latest drivers..... and then comes the painful part.. i recently upgraded my os to Windows 10 64 bit. and downloaded the latest crimson edition of catalyst which is 16.3.2.. and installed it ,and thr comes the problem again .....everytime i have to power on the cpu and face the black screen ,then restart the cpu to get into my login page.   EVERYTIME!!!    i dont have this problem on windows 7 .. i used crimson drivers on windows 7 too without any problem!!!.. ,... this black screen problem occurs only in 8.1 and 10 it seems.. and it seems kinda weird. because if a black screen appears .it have to appear even when i restart ..right? but it appears only when i freshly stratup my pc ,and then i have to restart it and it becomes normal!!....and also to mention that this problem happens only with drivers from 14 to 16 version of catalyst drivers.... previous versions works very well without any problem. im using the default driver that comes with the graphics card (in a CD).... but the latest games requires Latest Drivers .Right?!! .SO please help me with this issue..

so here is the short version of this long story!!

the black screen  appears only when i freshly stratup my pc ,and then i have to restart it and it becomes normal!! then when i shut down and power on again ,the black screen and then i have to restart!! and goes on!!!!!  here something i found strange!! i set my monitor to sleep after 5 mins on the power option inside control panel !! so even in black screen ,the monitor power off after 5 mins!!!

so my config/....

intel core i5 2500K 3.3ghz cpu socket lga 1155/socket h2

Amd radeon HD 7790

western digital 500gb harddisk

8gb ddr3 ram


Please help me!!


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