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Journeyman III

Black screen and pixels 5600g.


So i built this pc that i am using now, the parts are: 


msi b450 tomahawk max ii

crucial ballistics 3200mhz cl 16

wd blue sn 550

and it has a noua jottun cooler

the issue i have and i've had since the very beggining is that while i play or do anything for that matter my screen gets black for 2/3 seconds and then pixelated colors start to appear on top of it, it happens quite often... from what i understand the causes could be 3 the first are the drivers as before the last 3 drivers i was only getting the black screen without the pixel, i ofc tried to install and uninstall and update but it persists, next it could be my monitor as its from 2013 and it's not vene a monitor it's a tv that i use as a monitor, the last one well my cooler, i have a noua jottun cooler it has 2 heatpipes and schould cool up to 86 twp so it's weird to think that i's the cooler as i got only a amaximum of 60 c° under fool load. if anybofy has any idea about it let me know.

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Journeyman III

Did you find any solution? And what gaming monitor do you recommend?