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Adept I

Black screen and graphics video driver crash

Hello! Soon the following problem appeared, that when the laptop is turned off for a certain time and I start it for the first time after its logo passes, and it starts to load windows until a pin is entered, during this period the screen turns black and there is no effect. You see a black screen and sound like you're plugging in a USB drive.
When I turn it off and start it a second time, it loads and gets to WINDOWS and entering a PIN, but it's like you never installed video card drivers (built-in and external), which is evident from the resolution itself.

This problem appeared recently after I installed the latest versions of AMD SOFTWARE, but I can't tell from which version this problem started.
Otherwise, when I enter WINDOWS, it gives me all these problems and errors.

I hope the AMD specialists find a quick solution to this problem, because it seems that a lot of people have these problems, and I don't think they are very pleasant.

AMD Software version: 23.9.1


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