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Re: black screen and back to normal after using windows for a while

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I never think my card is defective, because if it was defective, it wouldn't work perfectly in my Intel system which I was very happy with RX 460. Also, it works fine in my friend computer who I borrowed the 1050Ti from.

The problem happened since I bought a brand new AMD CPU R7 1700, motherboard X370, 16 GB of RAM and Samsung M.2 NVME. PSU and graphic card are moved into the new system. Since the TDR Delay issue, I started to test the RAM, change the motherboard from Gigabyte to Asrock and the issue still exist. CPU and M.2 drive are eliminated from the source of TDR Delay issue because the system is work perfectly with 1050Ti.

Another point is the problem becomes worse if I install the latest 18.3.1 driver, the screen just black out and Dr. debug on the motherboard shows code 00, which is "Please check if the CPU is installed correctly and then clear CMOS". I pressed reset button and everything just works as normal.

Base on all the tests I have done, I still have absolutely no idea where is the TDR Delay issue comes from, my guessing is about driver issue as they are the only component different after all the tests from my end or the graphic card just doesn't "like" my new AMD build.

There no support tool to track the source of issue, and I have no support from AMD so far.

I have spent almost 4 weeks for this bug, everyday include weekend, at least 8-10 hours per day. I totally give up now, ordered Nvidia 1050 card to be in peace (The only moment that I have experience 0 issue was when I use the 1050Ti from my friend). I just want to use the browser without any issue, I don't play game, don't oc.

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Re: black screen and back to normal after using windows for a while

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Have you diabled any link stae between motherboard to videocard maybe an energy efficentcy issue throwing up the bug. To eleimanate I disable any form of power saving features OS wide & Bios wise usuallyt 1 of those things which I suspect is the bug. A trick I do with 10 is diable any power saving feature on my 10 builds with all Hard drives ssds included by not putting a timer on the hard drives all my power features on my OS are on max settings as far as I can go to eleimante any Power saving feature which I suspecting which is probly kicking in showing you bug. Handy hint dont go enery efficientcy in building if using 10 or any OS run on High preformance with link stae disabled in any Bios for hassle free Gaming, web browsing downloading streaming, I dont have issues with these bugs what so ever as I know my OS inside out to disable any form or hinderance which half these messures they incorporate can casue grimlins down the line causing issues like yours.