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Journeyman III

Black screen after update driver

Hello everyone, this is my first question here and hope that someone here can help me.

Yesterday my PC was work fine and today my windows 10 decide to update the graphics driver.

after the update every time I try to reboot the PC, it shows the motherboard logo and then black screen (blank).

I tried a few things:

  • Format the windows.
  • Remove the driver with DDU in Safe-Mode and then re-install.
  • Let the windows update find the driver and install it.
  • Install a few version's driver (18.12.2,, 18.12.1, 18.10.2, 18.9.3, 18.5.1, 17.7.1).
  • Set speaker for POST (One beep - All OK).
  • Check for bad capacitors in GPU (Not found any) and set new thermal compound.
  • Check for bad capacitors in PSU (Not found any)

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 series (IDs 1002, 6811 means the module is 270)

PSU: Solid ATX-600W

I saw many questions with the same problem and I don't think a company like AMD didn't provide any solution.

So I guess I'm doing something wrong with fixing this problem.

Hope you can help me :\

PS: sorry for my English!

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Journeyman III


Adept I

BUMP! Same issue.

Journeyman III

BUMP Exact same problem.


You must take the necessary steps to prevent/delay Microsoft automatically changing/install different drivers. You must also disconnect from the internet when installing new AMD drivers. Do not re-connect until you are finished and have rebooted your computer. Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

Depending on what Win10 version you Home/Pro/Enterprise...use the corresponding method to disable this Microsoft feature How to delay feature updates in Windows 10 - gHacks Tech News


I will try to do this today and update if successful.


I did it and it didn't help me, the black screen shows up when the install is on 40%.

It can be a burn/bad GPU or memory of the graphics card?

I mean, how can I check if my graphics card is working and be sure this something else and not the graphics card?

Or because the graphics card is working without a driver, it means it must be good?

Ty for helping!

Again, sorry for my English!

asdfjklcolon  if it works for you please inform me.

Journeyman III

I just got a very similar problem. Suddenly my monitor showed "no signal", no *manual* changes in software or hardware. Luckily I had a remote app installed and could use my pc from my cellphone, so I knew everything hardware was still working.

I would restart in safemode and I would get a signal/desktop, so monitor and hdmi cable and windows installation were fine.

Ran DDU, restart in normal startup, everything was fine for a while, but after a couple of minutes bam, black screen.

Eventually discovered that windows would auto update the graphic drivers... I restarted in regular windows, let it idle and out of nowhere black screen. DDU again, logged into regular windows but my ddl speeds were at max and after a couple of minutes, sudden black screen again.

Tried using "Device Installation Settings" set to NO, still got the auto update. I had to directly disable windows update. Let the pc idle for 10 mins, no automatic driver installation. Then I downloaded the corresponding drivers from the amd page and everything has worked fine for the last 30 min.