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Journeyman III

Black screen after troubleshooting graphical artefacts?

My setup:
CPU: i7-6700k
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390
MoBo: Gigabyte z170-d3h
OS: windows 10 64bit

So I've been cramming hard for a game design assessment the past few weeks and everything is due, I **bleep** you not, tomorrow. So naturally a few hours ago Unity's started flickering black and showing weird graphical artefacts. I restarted and the problem just seemed to get worse until eventually the screen was just black.

So I restarted in safe mode, downloaded [DDU]( and AMD's most recent driver for the 390 series, but after running DDU then getting 75% into the AMD patch in safe mode the screen went dead black and hasn't now won't even show the gigabyte BIOS splash screen on start up.

I might try using an HDMI cord, I usually run a DVI-D from an older 1080p monitor - see if that makes any difference, but at this point I'm not hopeful. It's a 5 year old build now but I was hoping to squeeze out just a few more days.

Any suggestions/miracles would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Re: Black screen after troubleshooting graphical artefacts?

Best bet would be to try that card in another PC and see if it works there. I had the same thing happen on my R9 380x a couple months ago was working one second then not. Not sure what died on it but it would not work in another PC either. 

You did the right thing trying DDU. If that card does work in another machine you might try using a restore point or a fresh Windows install to see if that helps.