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Journeyman III

Black Screen after install Adrenaline

Hi team, 
I have a Dell Vostro 3405 with Ryzen 5 3450 with Radeon graphics integrated. So when a I try to play Fortnite the pc shows an popup to install a new versión of Adrenaline drivers etc. When the instllation end, the tool sugest restart, so i  choose this option, but was the last becasuse never start again. The screen is black. Iam using a HDMI monitor because my lapton screen is broken. 
I do not know how fix this issue. I try to press power button to start windows 10 with out drivers, but I can not see anything. 

Best Regards,

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Being a laptop, you should download drivers from Dell's website.

Support for Vostro 3405 | Drivers & Downloads | Dell UK

They will be as UpToDate as far as Dell will update them.  

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Hi, but the problem now is I have not screen to see or make some change. I can not restore I do not know Why the screen shows black all time. 
But Windows run because I can hear the sond when I put USB mouse or other device. If I press ALT+F4 use the TAB press enter I can switch off the laptop