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Journeyman III

Black screen after driver update

So I decided to install the latest AMD driver on my PC(windows 10) and I'm getting a black screen after I reboot. The HP logo loads for a few seconds and then nothing, just a blank screen. I can access safe mode without issues, but I have no idea what to do beyond that. 

I know this is a common issue and everyone suggests using DDU, but how do I get DDU in safe mode? Is there any way I can disable/remove the driver in safe mode? 

Any help would be appreciated  

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You don't mention what version of AMD driver you installed or what model HP you have or the specs on the graphics card. If it is an HP laptop it's recommended to use the graphics driver available from HP rather than the AMD version.

If you have no other means to download DDU then you can uninstall the AMD software when in Safe Mode and then reboot. That should fix the blank screen so you can get the correct driver for your system.

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