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Journeyman III

Black screen after Amd driver installation

I recently brought a new amd gpu. The rx 6650 xt and installed it into my pc. Halfway through installing the new driver my screen goes black but the pc stays running, Putting my hdmi Into my old gpu restores the screen and shows Everything else is fine.

I though It might be because my old gpu was nvidia so I used a ddu1 from wagnard in safe mode offline. Uninstalling both amd and nvidia, this allowed me to see the screen using my new amd gpu. Reinstalling the driver once again caused my screen to go black halfway through installing the driver.

If I install both my gpus into my pc and use my old nvidia gpu to look at my screen (as plugging it into the amd one just brings up a black screen) I can see that the driver successfully installs and I can even use the gpu. 

I can get the amd gpu to work with my monitor (even with the driver installed) if I open my pc in safe mode but that is the only way

I've updated all the relevant software to the latest versions as well as uninstalled and installed the driver twice now. 

I've been able to stress test the gpu and it works with nothing wrong with it as far as I know. 

Don't want to have to use two completely different gpus especially when It's so difficult to use them both. 

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Adept II

That's how AMD gpus generally are these days. I've had 3 black screens since installing the latest drivers yesterday morning on my 5700 xt

I believe the suggestion to disable MPO (google it) is the mainstream solution for black screens on amd cards, I haven't yet tried it myself tho


Alternatively you could try to rollback to the previous (not the latest) WHQL driver from May 2022 I believe, it has been suggested that it's less crash-y


Thanks for the response, 

I've tried both of these and unfortunately they didn't work. Do you know of any other ways to possible fix it ? 



Unfortunately, I do not

However if you check the driver issues forum ( you'll find many people with similar problems such as yours, maybe they have found other solutions to the problem


Generally though if your card is this new I suggest you RMA it