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Adept II

Black lines in Sea of Thieves for the last 3 drivers...

Also, the latest drivers (2020) seem more unstable on Sea of Thieves. Yesterday I was playing for a short while before Sea of Thieves just outright crashed... no warnings, just CTD.

The black lines are very jagged but very brief and don't happen all of the time. As described in the following post, it seems to happen at specific angles when reflections, fog/haze or god rays are involved. I do not recall this happening in drivers prior to December. 

I'm not the only person getting this problem and sure enough they are all seem to be RX 580s, a card I am using (one person in linked post is a 5700 XT user). All in all, there's 5 people in that one post experiencing the same problem and I'd wager the post wasn't up long before it got buried.

Please try to address the jagged black line issue and improve stability for Sea of Thieves.

Other info:

I'm using the latest Windows 10 64 build (not an Insider).
Ryzen 1600X (not overclocked).
Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB (not overclocked).
16GB (8x2) DDR4 3200MHz
Tried 3 different drivers.
No other graphical anomalies in other titles.
No high temperatures.
I am playing using a FreeSync monitor (144hz) capped in game to 120fps (Vsync off in game). FS enabled in monitor settings and in Radeon software. Enhanced Sync and Anti-Lag is also enabled. RIS 50%.

I hope this info helps. I will edit this post and add additional details if I manage to catch a recording of it, but given that it's fairly infrequent (still very distracting and annoying though), that may be difficult to achieve.

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Adept II

How disappointing. I'm guessing there's only about 5 people playing Sea of Thieves with RX 580s.

Adept I

Same issues here. 

Ryzen 7 3700x

Sapphire 5700X

AMD version 20.2.2

Adept II

same issue here RX470 4GB COD:WARZONE black lines appears randomly in pre-game lobby and in game too!no solution i try many old drivers but nothing!!

Adept II

you still have the issue you find something?

I don't have stability issues but I've been through a whole bunch of AMD 2020 drivers so far and the black lines thing still persists in Sea of Thieves. It doesn't happen often and it's under very specific circumstances when it involves the sun, god rays and atmospheric fog or mist. It usually happens when interacting with the ship wheel or adjusting sails when turning and the sun is moving across as the boat shifts its angle and a shadow or god ray is created due to the sails.

It's most definitely a thing with AMD cards and/or AMD drivers but they choose to ignore it. It's not widespread or reported enough to be considered worthwhile to fix.

I have played Call of Duty Warzone but that never happened on that game.

Volunteer Moderator

Nothing will happen if isn't reported to AMD..everybody with the issue:

Adept II

same problem to me...COD MW

Hello there, i think to have the same problem, i uploaded a video, to others the same black lines appear?

Adept II

Yes, this is exactly the same kinds of lines that I get. It usually happens during the day on the game but it does happen occasionally at night.

This is exactly what I've been getting for a very long time now. I've had countless different AMD drivers, a reinstall of Windows 10, checked the card seating, removed all OCs on the system, etc, etc, etc. Nothing. It's a driver issue through and through and one that has been reported a long time ago but was never fixed due to it not being a common enough bug. Now that Sea of Thieves is on Steam, more AMD users may get this problem and it will lead to more reports and hopefully a proper fix.

I'm not happy at the sheer ignorance of this issue for such a long time. It was always clear that I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem.

I have this issue too was going to send my graphics card back but everyone is saying it’s the driver . Do you think buying it on steam will help ? 

I have this issue I thought my graphics card was broke . Did you ever fix it ? 

Journeyman III

I registered an account to add that I am having this problem as well.

Vega 64, latest drivers.

Windows 10, latest build.


#vega 64 issues

#sea of thieves

Adept I

Did you fix it if so how ? I have this now it’s doing my head in 

Adept I

did you fix it i have same issue

Journeyman III


I registered to report that this issue also is confirmed on two identical Vega 64 LC.

I hope that this gets fixed soon. I love Sea of Thieves and I play it a lot, but sometimes this glitch is near seizure inducing as black bars flash across the screen. It's a really annoying issue that got introduced with a driver update. Otherwise, my Vega 64's are performing flawlessly in all applications. 

Here are a couple of screenshots: 








Just adding to this thread... this bug remains alive and well, unfortunately. My post here represents not only me, but several other people I know who continue to experience it. 

2+ years old. How is this not yet addressed?