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Journeyman III

Biostar TB250-BTC PRO Motherboard with 11 RX 580, 1 RX 590 8GB Freezing During Driver Install


I would like to know if you can help with an issue i'm having on my Biostar TB250-BTC PRO motherboard. I am getting issues in Windows with crashing and Freezing during the AMD driver installation. Windows is detecting all 12 Graphics cards no problem, but the issue comes when I try to get them installed with a driver. I have tried several drivers and none have been able to cure the problem of this freeze during install.

I am running the MOBO at stock settings... No changes have been made for example to Gen, display, etc.

I am using the onboard graphics DVI to HDMI. The motherboard is not detecting my graphics card on bootup for that kind of display when I try with that method

The motherboard IS registering all 12 cards as working on bootup.

The model of the cards is AORUS Gigabyte 11 RX 580 8GB + 1 RX 590 8GB

I have tried several drivers such as the ReLive Blockchain driver, 23.11.1, 22.11.1, 17.9.1, also tried installing them in safe mode. 

It freezes the desktop and PC about 1 1/2 minutes into installation and I cant move the mouse pointer or NUMLOCK on the keyboard and am forced to restart

Please tell me anything I can do to try and relieve the issue.


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Journeyman III

So I thought I had this all figured out and I made a gigantic error on my end... But it appears the problem is still occurring

I had on one 1600 or 1800 watt breaker about 3 750W power supplies, a router power and more. So I adjusted the power consumption to new breaker outlets to divvy it up better and STILL, freezing hard on fresh installs of Windows.


At this point in the day (I've been working on this since last Saturday), I'm out of options unless someone wants to toss out some super safe/stable driver versions for me

So.... Bump.

Journeyman III

Try installing Adrenalin Edition 23.8.2