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Binding new keys in Hotkey Options in Radeon Settings does not work (Win11 / Win10)

I'm trying to change the Take Screenshot from being a 3 button shortcut of CTRL+SHIFT+I to either be a different hotkey like 'CTRL+SHIFT+End' or a single hotkey like simply 'End' or 'F12' and it's not taking any input after I delete the present and it changes to None and you click on  None to set the new hotkey.  Nothing happens.

This was happening with me in Radeon driver 21.8.2 in Win11.  I reinstalled the Radeon drivers to the latest 21.10.1, same result.

I moved over to my older PC running Win10 with a 5700XT and went into it's Radeon Settings it's on 21.9.1 , I attempted to change the hotkey for Take Screenshot there and got the same results.

I searched around the web and I do not see anyone else having this specific issue.   Could someone please try changing the hotkeys to something else on their system to see if it takes in Radeon Settings, as this does not appear to be working at all.

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Journeyman III

I have the same problem