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Journeyman III

Been experiencing Black screen crashes for 2 days in a row now...

Alright so my rig is:
Core i5 11400f
Gigabyte UD Z590
16gb 3200 vengeance pro
Rx 6600 Xt
Cooler master PSU 800w ( not customizable_)
All parts are new and I bought them only 6 month ago/ I dont do any overclocking stuff (only set the ram MHz to 3200) and Im not using any custom cable or parts.

While I was working and watching youtube videos both of my screens suddenly go black and no signal ( audio and everything else was fine)(I also did hear the uplugging notification sound) the after restarting only my drawing tablet which is connected via HDMI (the other one is DP) worked and also the resolution was way low, and shortly after I got an error informing me that windows update might have overwritten my current drivers hence its not working and incompatible (code 22).
I decided to shut down the pc and turn it on again which did solve the problem but shortly after it happened again.
the next time I used DDU and did a clean installation , with disabling all the options related to windows updating drivers (via policy manger, advanced system settings , Registry editor , WUSHOWHIDE (altho it didnt show any updates related... ) (I also paused windows update).. It happened again.
Next time I used DDU and installed an older version of Adrenalin ( my current version was 22.11.2) but it happened again, It happened again.
This time I decided to roll back the drivers so windows started using generic drivers, then hit update drivers which then windows seemed to recognize Adrenalin again and things went back to normal. although it did happen again when I was testing a buncha games. ( I also did disable some options in Adrenaline and turned on wait for
last time it has happened ( 30 minutes ago) In device manager it said the device was disabled so I hit enable again it reset and things seem to be normal for now , altho something new I noticed was a security warning regarding "Core Isolation" and how it was off , so I turned it back on again after a reset (its seems to fine now).
Im honestly stuck.
would changing my windows to 10 help?
How about doing a minimal driver installation?
Ive seen some people hinting at the idea that maybe its a PSU problem?
Some people say resitting the gpu or changing the cables would work?
But Ive also seen people that tried everything on even newer card and havent seen any improvements.
this is my first experience with AMD and Im honestly seeing now why the general masses tend to lean on Nvidia side more because this seeming has been an issue for too many years.

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Adept I

Going Back to Windows 10 and doing a minimal install and all of that doesn't help. Got the same Problem since a week now with my RX5700XT. Did Everything I could Update Bios, Graphic Drivers and Chipset Drivers nothing worked i also got an Windows message with some "PCI Express downstream switch port” error. 

i also posted a question and sent a mail to the tech support. still waiting.

hope this helps just a bit. 

i´ll reply here when i get a usefull information.

Adept I

So far silence on this issue from AMD, Check out the redit forum for AMD, there are many of us looking for a solution, but nothing seems to work. AMD needs a driver update!

Adept I

So I fixed my problem. Maybe this can help you too, launch CMD Run as admin and type in

/sfc /scannow

Let that run it detects corrupted Windows files and repairs them. After it finished restart Computer and then everything should work