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Journeyman III graphic problem after 18.8.1

Hey, I have this weird graphical problem in on some maps (east and west coast) i experience it, and in others i don't(Utah). I tried reinstalling the game,run it safe mode(without mods), cleared the cache, verfied files and i can't seem to find what the problem is. I have an AMD graphics card(RX 580) on the latest drivers 18.8.1 it seems like after updating to one of the latest versions of the driver this started happening. I asked this question on the Steam forums of the game but one of the moderators said that I am not the only one complaining about this problem and I should probably go here to see if I can do someting. Link to video: graphic problems - YouTube 

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Please remove the grey on dark grey formatting, it makes your post very difficult to read and does not encourage other forum users to provide any help.

Assuming that you are CarDriver96 from the forums, you know who I am. I also have this problem. I have a AMD RX480 GPU. For those wondering, here is a picture of what these black lines look like. pastedImage_0.png

Journeyman III

Graphics Card: Gigabyte Aorus RX 580 8GB


Windows 10 64bit

Current Driver Version 18.12.2 but I've had it happen since I got the card since 18.11 which is the first driver I used with this card.

ACER 1080P 60Hz HDMI Monitor

Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk B450 Bios 7C02v13

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600

Power Supply: Corsair TX750M

RAM: 16Gb Corsair Dual Channel RAM

Running game (BeamNG.Drive) at high settings 1080P. Still happens on current version of the game 0.14 (Third Hotfix)

I've been having this issue since I first got this card and it's really rather annoying. It seems to be connected to the grass in a lot of the levels and manifests as shown here with black lines stretching out to infinity from the ground. I didn't have this issue with my Nvidia card I was using before. This question doesn't seem to be getting much attention though.

Video as example:

Issue Report Video.mp4 - Google Drive

Showing two of the levels where it happens.


I have gotten the lines to disappear with a slight setting change. You must disable some sort of grass setting. I am doing homework at the moment so I cannot look further into this. I remember, something must be set to "custom" or something to gain access to change the grass density setting. Nadeox answered this question in more detail in the forum post made by