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Journeyman III

Battlefront 2 stuttering issue still not fix from 17.12 to 18.3

So, my problem remains the same than 4 months ago.

Battlefront 2 was running smoothly with 17.11Crimson edition. But since adrenalin came out, MASSIVE stuttering appears every time i start a round.

I thought the issue would be fixed in 18.3, but it's not the case.

So i will ask one more time, do AMD even care about their consumers ? I mean, i had no problem at all wit 17.11, only adrenalin messed with my games.

Now im rolling back to 17.11, hoping this issue will be fix someday.

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I have found 18.3.4 ( have you tried them? you only saidn 18.3 and there have been several 18.3.x drivers ) to be much better and only have some slowdown at as you said when the round starts. I have found that I just spin the character in a circle a few seconds and it gets all the shaders cached and it runs smooth from there. Honestly I think this is more the game optimization with their own engine than the drivers (I could be wrong but BF One uses same engine and is fine).  My sons 1050ti does the same thing with that game.


Thing is, as I mentionned, the game was smooth before the whole adrenalin thing.

When I saw the mess with adrenalin driver back in december, I rolled back to 17.11 crimson and game went back to being smooth again.

So with that in mind, BF2 doesn't seems to be the problem here.

I will try 18.3.4 anyway since i messed up with my system already...


I had been having stuttering throughout the game but I have only had the game a month a most so don't know about the old drivers. But the new driver works better only issue is at start. As I said the nvidia card is doing the same thing too in that title. Good luck I hope it is at least better. You can always use the older driver unless it causes some other issue you can't live with.

Ok so it turns out that 18.2.3 didn't work. I tried 18.3.4 and now it works fine. Only on 1st launch i had stutter due to shader cache renewing itself.

I didn't think that 18.3.4 would actually work, my bad. Thanks mate


No problem. I just new that I had definitely seen issues with last couple drivers too but the last one was better. Glad to help. I certainly realize you lose a little hope when driver after driver things don't get fixed. But every driver can fix things, and unfortunately might break something else.

Good Luck & Happy Gaming!


You might give this a read...maybe something here that can help. Worth a shot...How to fix game stutter on Windows 10 Creators Update / Possible BF1 fix