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Battlefront 2 doesnt start after adrenaline install

So, I've just bought battlefront 2 for my kid. It was working today. 

I've installed new drivers with that adrenaline package, and now game stops on launch screen. 

Ive reverted bact to previous driver (oct18) through device manager, but it didn't help.

I ve tried to reinstall radeon software, but i cant find in in system ? 

What to do to make battlefront start ? Its weekend ! 

So, my kid is sad, one more time Ive got problem with AMD. After i bought this ryzen2200g i couldnt use my pc for 3 weeks becasue of driver issues. 

Its getting ridiculous, looks like next system will be on i3 :/ 

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Sorry to hear you are having troubles. Can you tell us please if you are running off the integrated graphics in the 2200g? Or if you have an additional GPU? Are you on Windows 10  1809?  Sounds like you had a driver loaded before loading another that worked and then the newer one did not. Can you tell us what driver version was working and what driver you loaded that does not? Also where you got the driver from. It is important that you the correct driver for an APU if that is what your graphics are and not the GPU driver. 

I would make sure you have the correct latest driver downloaded and do a clean install with the internet disabled. 

On the driver download page make sure you are getting your driver from here and pick what is correct for your system, desktop or mobile:   AMD Drivers and Support for Radeon, Radeon Pro, FirePro, APU, CPU, Ryzen, desktops, laptops 

If that doesn't help or that is the driver you already loaded and you did already do a clean install, you can report back here, you might then also want to open a support ticket with AMD support:

Online Service Request | AMD 



I am using integrated gpu, i dont have graphics card. Game was working on drivers from October 2018 release, but stopped after installing adrenaline 1.3.3. I've reverted driver through device manager back to october18 back it wasnt working. now ive installed adrenaline 1.1.1 i believe and its not working either. 

PS, other games are working fine and i have no issues. 

What should i do ? Screenshot_14.png


As kingfish suggest do make sure any and all WIndows updates are done.

Reverting to previous drivers the way you did can be hit and miss as to if it works correctly or not.

So lets try another way.

Lets make sure you have a clean setup for re-installing the drivers again.

Make sure you have the driver for the APU downloaded not a GPU driver as I pictured before.

Download and run DDU from wagnardsoft_com. You will run this from safe mode while disconnected from the internet. Just follow the included instructions.

Re-Install the driver while still disconnected from the internet. Choose clean install if available. If not, that is good as DDU did its job fully.

Restart your machine.

I play BF2 myself and know that every time you update the driver it rebuilds the shader cache in that game. Sometimes it takes quite a while. I have had it take 5 minutes. If it doesn't come up at that point. Verify the game files in Origin.

If that doesn't help, reply back here and we will try and figure out a next step.

I gave up. Ive updated win10, reinstalled adrenalin, even disabled firewall. Too much problems. This was my first PC, and choosing AMD was a VERY BIG MISTAKE ! Problem after problem after problem after problem. Will just delete the game and ask for refund. 

I am very sorry for your problem. Not sure what else to recommend. I can tell you that the game runs fine on my RX 580 but I have not used the last couple of drivers. So I don't know that they are or are not an issue. I like that game a lot and it could use more players for sure! If you have not talked directly with AMD about this please do. Online Service Request | AMD 

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You really need to supply more information > 

Look in the computer Device Manager / display adapters. Do you see any yellow marks?

no, no yellow marks. There never were any

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Are you tried using the latest Win10 update?

Windows 10 has been full updated, Adrenaline have been re-installed. Ive even tried to disable windows firewall. Still doesnt work. I will delete the game and ask for refund. Its just a shame that my boy wanted to check this game so much. 

This was my first pc that i have build, and I will tell you right now : I will never use any amd parts again TOO MUCH PROBLEMS !