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Drivers & Software

Adept III

Battlefield 2042 crashing driver time outs , dx12 errors driver was removed from windows .

Tried every fix lower fps turn off XPO reinstall windows bios update , older driver DDU this then that  did everything suggested  on these forums 

works for a match or two then crash . a 1200 dollar GPU should not be doing this  yes I've sent numerous reports every time i crash and from what I'm reading a lot of ppl are having problems with the 7900 XTX

MAY A CLASS ACTION SUIT should happen cant refund only RMA to be back in a few weeks with same problems so upset with my decision To buy the 7900 XTX . been using AMD products for years all the back to the Athlon 64 FX and  Athlon 64 Fx to bull dozers never had this many problems with drivers its crazy. please fix the drivers.

7900 XTX Merc 310 

7800 X3D


loyal costumers should not have to go through this. 

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