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Journeyman III

Bad video playback performance, amdgpu drivers, embedded V1000

Describe your system:

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • Integrated Graphics 
    • AMD® Ryzen™ V1807B 
    • AMD® Radeon™ Vega 11 Graphics
  • Desktop or Laptop System
  • Operating System
    • Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
  • Driver version installed
    • Mesa Gallium driver 20.1.0-devel for AMD Ryzen Embedded V1807B with Radeon Vega Gfx (RAVEN, DRM 3.35.0, 5.4.2-1138-amd+, LLVM 9.0.0)
    • Kernel: 5.4.2-1138-amd+
  • Display Devices
    • Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q - 3840x2160 60hz, Mini DP to Mini DP
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • See attached dmidecode.txt document
    • AMD® Ryzen™ V1807B CPU (3.35GHz, 3.8GHz Turbo, 4C/8T, 35W.)
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • Baseboard Power Requirements • 19VDC 90W power supply adapter with detachable power cord. • 8 – 32V DC power supply range with locking connector (automotive grade) • US Cord included, others available
  • RAM
    • 16GB


Describe your issue:

I recently purchased a Sequoia V8 Sequoia v8 Full – Simply NUC , and have installed Ubuntu 18.04.01 on it. 

I have also installed the open-source AMDGPU driver stack for it from: 

It seems I am not able to play 2x 4k h264 videos at 30fps, even when using vaapi (hardware acceleration).Frame rate averages at about 25fps. Tested using different media players/solutions such as mpv and gstreamer so far.

I've attached a video that shows my performance problem. When the first video launches, playback is successful at pretty much consistent 30FPS. Then the second video launches, and average FPS for both videos hovers around 26-27 FPS average. Closing one of the videos brings the average FPS back to 30 again.

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