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Bad performance on Destiny 2 with rx570

   I recently switched from gtx 770 to rx570, because the GPU has been used for about 5 years and the performance on that GPU was not so good, so I switched to rx570. With gtx 770 on destiny 2, I had 50-60 fps on medium-low settings. Now with rx570, I get 20-30 fps on destiny 2, but GTA 5, Rainbow 6 runs very good, better than with gtx 770 I only have problems with destiny 2. I thought that there were faulty drivers, so I re-installed the AMD drivers again, but nothing changed, same 20-30 fps. In AMD software I picked the standard profile because some games don't support third-party interference, but nothing changed. Then I rolled back the AMD drivers, but that didn't fix it either. I have tried to delete the shader cache and nothing changed, but i noticed that all the files where 64kb, if I'm right, then that means something is wrong. So I reset shader cache, but it still generates 64kb files, I tried to delete them manually, some of those files won't delete, because the AMD software host services ar running. I have tried to optimize the game with the radion software, but no changes to destiny 2, still 20-30 fps.  For testing purposes, I put my gtx 770 back with all the drivers installed and destiny 2 ran just fine with 50-60fps. I don't know what to do anymore, I can't fix it.

I don't have the best pc but it works for me just fine:

CPU: AMD Anthlon X4 880K

Ram: 8gb

GPU: Rx570

NOTE: Before I switched to rx570 I booted my pc into safe-mode and used DDU to uninstall the Nvidia display drivers and I installed the latest windows update.

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Big Boss

Destiny 2 is a tad demanding. I have played it with an RX 480 and an R9 Fury and the game is playable.

I wonder if your windows setup is mangled from so many experiments


This is the system requirements.

Annotation 2020-04-21 224935.jpg

This is comparison with the recommended processor.
Annotation 2020-04-21 225022.jpg

So... Your processor is probably not enough.

Your processor only meets the minimum system requirement. Also, with nVidia and AMD, your processor can have different ms (so delay) values for different games.


That is why I have an R5 3600 which has some advantages even though it was the bottom of the line until the R3 processors surfaced. Now my CPU does not look so bad.....





I can say 9700k is the best game processor on the market. And the difference between your processor and Intel processor is in my opinion not to a considerable extent. With the 3000 series, AMD has increased L3 speed and capacity and has become preferable for gaming.


8 v 6 core, i give that to my cpu


8 vs 6. Moreover, close work. Moreover, your money stays in your pocket. If AMD comes out B550, it will make a lot more money. I am not talking about the Threadrippers yet.


mstfbsrn980 wrote:

8 vs 6. Moreover, close work. Moreover, your money stays in your pocket. If AMD comes out B550, it will make a lot more money. I am not talking about the Threadrippers yet.

I have an X570, I have the MSI X570-A PRO which turns out to be a wise choice as a comparison of X570 motherboards, mine came in on top. It was eye opening when I saw the chart.


PC crashes during initial launch of most games 
Could you look at this link? Maybe you can help. Your mobo is the same. OP is probably getting errors with processor. 3900x seems to be not working properly with the factory settings. I don't know the price of the motherboard. But its VRM may be weak, or not...